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Not just on Valentine's Day, please remember that all animals have the capacity to love! Every day can be Valentines day for Animals and Love !

BREAKING NEWSFLASH 22 NOVEMBER 2017...not only in Knightsbridge is there now growing VEGAN FOOD in supermarkets ROSSETT VILLAGE STORES in NORTH WALES CYMRU  EUROPE before BREXIT also ! The Future is...VEGAN !  

Peace on Earth...starts with removing VIOLENCE from our plates. Christmas, Xmas, Hanuka, Thanksgiving etc religious festivals if celebrations of DEATH on PLATES are irrelevant.  Peace_on_Earth.html

CHRISTMAS RESCUED TURKEYS arrive in Pulford Chester Cheshire to become VEGAN ACTIVISTS..time people got to know WHO was that unrecognisable piece of dead body on their plates that they do not need to live healthily...http://vegan-information.com/Black_Christmas_Bronze_Turkeys_Vegan_Activists.html we do not realise or associate what we eat with a living person. TOFURKY is EASILY far tastier and healthier than dead bodies as food ! 

Little Tyke was a Vegan Lioness by choice ...famous in the USA...ALL animals can become VEGAN it is all about nutrition needs to thrive ! http://vegan-information.com/Vegan_Rescue_Kitten_New_Little_Tyke_Midnight_Hannukah_Capricorn.html

not only is VEGAN PLANT BASED natural food mean NO KILL NO DEATHS needed of animals nor their being bred to suffer...it is WIN WIN as healthier for us humans too ! and better for saving what remains of wild life that has been driven to extinction due mainly to habitat loss due to animal agriculture crop growing needs and desertification caused by climate change caused mostly by animal agriculture ! let alone the POLLUTION animal agriculture causes destroying marine life the air we breath and the land ! I was astonished to learn...that 3 thousand cows cause more pollution/excrement than a city of half a million people ! where does all that shit and urine and gasses go ? what goes around comes around common sense ! 

5th March 2017 Breaking News Medical World ! USA Cardiology medics again state officially https://www.riseofthevegan.com/blog/american-college-of-cardiology-recommends-plant-protein

"Plant based proteins are significantly more heart-healthy compared to animal proteins"

"Animal Flesh and Products are simply Processed Plants with Additives, so destructive, inefficient, unhealthy and  unnecessarily cruel to all animals, humans included, going Vegan makes perfect sense"...My Personal Quotation Noelle  Obcarskas !  Meat and using animals is a choosing to make a choice to kill someone else...that involves taking away choice...from the victims.

I became Vegan ! after Decades of Ignorance, Stupidity, Bad Habits due to Selfishness and Arrogance.

Never before in the history of the World have humans consumed so much death of others and their products so unnaturally and so unnecessarily. The past 50 years in particular, our abuse of dead animals has rocketed off the richter scale in fact ! What a human kills and eats in a week today is more than what a human killed and ate in a year only 100 years ago. 

Mass Deaths, Climate Change, Starvation Massive loss of Wildlife, Massive increases in Obesity, Heart diseases, Cancers, Asthmas due to Mass Animal Agriculture. 11 Thousand unnecessarily killed animals Per Person in a lifetime the Obese Fat world. The question today for the rich isn't "where do I get my protein ?" it is how to reduce the obesity etc lol !  

80-90% of the world's crops (GMO mostly also) go to feeding our livestock. 70 percent of the world's available and diminishing usable agricultural land is over used for animal feed crops to be processed into flesh and animal products from massive breeding and holocausts of animals by humans. Poor people starve while the rich use the only land near them to grow crops to feed western overweight selfish people's animal steaks they don't need the nutrition from animals making them unhealthy even.

Animal Agriculture is the leading cause not only of pollution and climate change but also of extinction of Wild Life in the world.

Animal mass excretions cause the most Pollution of our air, seas costing the health and lives of the rich, starvation of the poor, and deaths to the masses of cruelty unnaturally bred suffering bodies of human designed Frankenstein unnatural animals.
Only 35% of the world’s people can be fed on a meat-based diet, while a plant-based diet could feed everyone.

Moo Free Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs ! forget eating those poor defenceless baby Lambs at Easter it is CRUEL to breed animals to kill them and CHOCOLATE is COCOA from PLANTS so eat it FREE of death also ! Baby cows are KILLED for every glass of Cows Milk  humans pump out of her ! every year ! Mass Holocausts of babies taken from mothers for unhealthy Cow's Milk for humans ! Buy and Eat Delicious REAL EASTER EGGS ! http://www.peta.org.uk/blog/best-vegan-easter-eggs-2017/  Every purchase you make without death is a positive kind action and good for your health too ! If we keep buying dead animals bodies and products more will be bred to suffer and die. Do not let parasites living off others LIVES by their DEATHS fill their pockets by buying death products ! Buy REAL food without DEATH !

Mothers Day for all ! let us STOP the lies ! Cows are forcibly  made pregnant over and over again for 5 years life as milk machines instead of full lives 20 years old and their babies taken away at once and killed for a glass of unhealthy milk for humans ! Lambs in the fields are to be KILLED ! Male Chicks are GROUND UP ALIVE killed for Egg industry !

Plenty Easter Eggs at Supermarkets ! Vegan Easter Eggs ! Dairy Cows Milk Free ! Gluten Free ! Wheat Free ! GMO free ! Moo Free ! no crying Cows Mooing for their taken away at once to be killed to take their mother's Milk ! MOTHERS' DAYS for COWS are CRUELTY days of DEATH and STRESS ! let us stop the lies !

Breaking News ...Elmhurst Dairy USA Dairy Change to Plant Milks end of Cruel and Unhealthy Planet Destroying Animal Milk Cows Milks big business !


and and and...

Vegan Events Festivals Vegfests 2017    Mar 25th - Live a Better Life Fair, 10am - 4pm, St George's Hall (Liverpool L1 1JJ)

VALENTINES day, Easter Egg and other Vegan Chocolates

Valentines Day kick off of Breaking News in the Vegan Movement Journey ! ORGANIC FOOD SALES ARE ROCKETING and McDonalds fast junk cruelty food giant is closing hundreds of major stores including Oxford Street London ! 17th Feb 2017 news of Biggest butcher's chain in North Wales Closing down ! Meat Sales Trend accelerating Downwards ! Meat/Flesh Free Food Sales increase and more big companies investing in vegan foods !

Germany Breaking News January 2017...Bold Political World Concern move by German Government !

Animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change and environmental degradation, which is why a German ministry says it’s taking a stand for vegetarianism in a new — and controversial — ban.

Barbara Hendricks, Germany’s environment minister, announced that her ministry would no longer be serving meat, fish or meat-derived products at official functions. Hendricks said her ministry must serve as a “role model” on environmental and sustainability issues. 

We want to set a good example for climate protection, because vegetarian food is more climate-friendly than meat and fish,” the ministry said in a statement this week, according to The Daily Telegraph. The ban reportedly took effect at the end of January.

Summary of the Animal Agriculture Issues. Cruelty, Unnecessary Deaths, Unhealthy Diseases to humans, Starvation of poor people, Climate Change and Pollution, Wildlife habit destruction and wildlife, water and food reduction. There is nothing NATURAL about the farm animals we humans kill, nothing NATURAL about how these caged animals are BRED and FED so much unhealthy fodder and chemicals that pass into our bodies also, nothing NATURAL about the mass excretions that pollute our AIR and WATER killing off also natural wildlife and their habitats.

The page of the Day I met James Aspey at the Manchester Pig Save Shrove Tuesday 28th February 2017

Ah ! WHO am I ? well here I am today 6th March 2017 in Food Dancing Vegan Moving towards more Sainsbury in Wales Wrecsam / Wrexham

WEAR THE FACE to be IN YOUR FACE and not forgotten as out of sight out of mind poor defenseless voiceless victims of human ignorance greed and cruelty to kill for no need today in our wasteful societies.

Live a Better Life Facebook page with Details of Liverpool Vegan Fair...Virtual Reality Video Goggles etc on site

Once the NO NEED to kill animals for food or use them for other reasons is understood and accepted...and the destructive effect on the starving people of this world and main reason for climate change and loss of habitats for the fast disappearing everywhere natural wildlife is understood...what is the LAST REASON STANDING that weighs so heavily against not killing animals ? TASTE ! and Bad Habits !

If  your pleasure of TASTE could be delighted...if you could understand that you had been misled, lied to out of habits that just grew and mushroomed into now apocalyptic levels of mass horrors about the NEED to kill animals for any commonly done reason such as FOOD or CAR SEATS etc would you Stop being cruel and killing and using innocent verbally handicapped non human persons ?

Assuming the reply to the question  is YES...for most reasonable people with feelings, minds, hearts and maybe souls ! we can proceed to progress ! All kinds of Myths and Lies we have been led to believe in need debunking.

We are as a whole generally today even unaware that cows do not produce milk without having their babies regularly killed as soon as they are born ! seriously ! those telling us to eat their products obtained by deaths to others failed to inform us ! hid truths from us !lied to us in fact ! They didn't tell us the whole horror bits of the story, just painted happy smiling cow pictures, lies, not crying babies taken away to be killed at once realities, to sell us unhealthy cows mothers milk etc full of added unhealthy antibiotics, hormones, pus besides the product of pumped unnaturally animals in cages by machines not babies they had taken from them at once to their extreme distress of course !

We humans have abused our ability to have use our easy to us Power over the defenseless of our world, paying others by buying dead animals to do our dirty work, to line their pockets from the immoral profits of totally unnecessary mass murder and torture on an unprecedented mass scale daily now in our modern world. Born to suffer Frankenstein suffering abnormal unnatural breeds of living creatures legs, hearts, bodies and minds, verbally handicapped defenseless persons at our mercy, who can't even cry out to say to us...PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO US ! WE JUST WANT TO LIVE ! BE FREE ! WE WOULD NEVER HARM YOU LIKE THIS ! except in the terror and anguish in their eyes, poor defenseless animals at our mercy. Our treatment of the weaker is a sign of our humanity. Killing and using the weak is ignoble for the most intellectual animal on the planet, humans. We are NOT lions, we do not need to breed in cages suffering animals that eat only grass to be killed by us for unnecessary flesh and products eaten and used by us. We as we know look much more similar to monkeys. Herbivores who like us thrive on plant foods. Abuse of power is an ugly thing, we recognise it as ugly in humans who use it against people who are tricked, lied to etc to profit the greed and egos of power abusers. Copying such despicable behaviour, abuse of power, isn't something to be proud of, but ashamed of, and we can stop it, each one of us can decide to stop doing what we rightly despise so much in others

HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU ! yes there is DELICIOUS FOOD OUT THERE...that will be HEALTHIER for YOU and result in YOU causing LESS even NO DEATHS to any more animals out there !

Realising better All the LIES we have believed that profit big businesses causing animals, us included, health, life itself and other negative issues such huge problems...can result in us "Growing a Pair" as Jeremy Kyle expression invented goes...maybe GROW some of OUR OWN food even...certainly by better food etc choices we can have a Better life and feeling proud to be ONE LESS CAUSE of unnecessary deaths and suffering to others in our world and lives !

Once upon a time...ALL food was ORGANIC ! it only became crap GMO etc due to cruel unhealthy unnecessary mass animal deaths agriculture ! We can do better ! yeah...LIES and NOT telling the TRUTHS...not even about how a cow has to give birth every year and have the babies killed and sold to us as STEAKS full of hormones etc to con us to drink unhealthy cows milk ! or male chicks ground alive as not egg layers..and eggs being hens periods and causing prostate cancers etc besides cruelty standard !only now...are we having LIES and DECEITS revealed by such as Dr Neil Barnard, Nutrition World Organisations, Sandra Higgins etc etc !

Cows are forcibly impregnated by humans for a few years continually to give birth so that they produce milk and have their baby calves taken away and killed at once to use their milk for human cheeses and cows milk that is unhealthy for humans as unnatural. Death and suffering for nothing.

We do not NEED to cause such suffering and death. We can eat DELICIOUS chocolates, milks, creamy foods that are HEALTHY for us and do not involve death like this.

There is to be...a SPECIAL CHOCOLATE AND DAIRY Cruelty Free Page link to delicious foods in Supermarkets and online sales ! VALENTINES day Vegan Chocolates page to do...and be better done by NEXT YEAR lol !

Now this website, has as its MISSION STATEMENT/OBJECTIVE/GOAL to provide a collection of VEGAN information that is collected from MANY individuals work and efforts to REVEAL the basis of choices open to us to be part of a VEGAN WORLD with LINKS to EVIDENCE for each of us to decide is my aim. Just another place to read stuff with info and links yes.

I will provide as clearly and easily as possible to find LINKS to things that might interest people in relation to CRUELTY FREE HEALTHY DELICIOUS FOOD and LIFESTYLE CHOICES related to VEGANISM. I personally like fun Pictures, called I learned recently only MEMES ! pictures with word messages...and videos. There are some very very revealing documentaries to watch to how us some truths for us to learn and consider what we want to do to contribute to the change possible for our own individual lives. Each individual can make some choices about their lives that have a massive effect on others lives.

Veganism is simply about Not using animals for our food, entertainment or things we use like car seats, clothes etc as much as possible.

We cannot prevent accidental stepping on ants,  mozzies being splatted on our car windows, elements of animal bones etc that end up in our computers glues etc until we STOP KILLING ANIMALS for our food which is the reason those products use animal substances instead of natural plant sources !

There is nothing hypocritical in recognising that we currently cannot avoid ALL contact and use of animal death products in our modern lives...using computers with glue and tyres of cars for example...but that does not mean that we cannot STOP ourselves being the cause of the HUGE number of deaths that led to such products being used elsewhere due to animals being killed unnecessarily for our FOOD  and CLOTHING and FURNISHING uses ! Just because we stood on an ant whilst walking doesnt mean we should then go kill all possible animals additionally on purpose ! get real...some people DO unfortunately in their mental state of COGNIITIVE DISSONANCE use such ridiculous illogical arguments to defend continuing abuse of animals. Can't avoid not stepping and killing an ant ? so LETS CARRY ON KILLING any animals possible argument lol ! We can laugh at ourselves...NEED to lol ! Just like the WE ARE LIONS ridiculous argument one hears in the cognitive dissonance period lol !

When we humans want to resist CHANGE...we use an astonishing array of ridiculous reasons to convince ourselves mostly as the objective of WHY NOT CHANGE lol. The last cowardly reason usually being..."other people do it, so I can ! should !" hiding in the petticoats of others is all too easy, but we can do better than that, we know we can. We are funny like that lol.

AT the end of the day...we are all products of processed Plants water and sunshine ! so cut out the middlemen processed cruelty obtained by death and suffering products of animals that are just processed plants and get delicious healthy food natural products and a cleaner environment for us all allowing food for starving children and people !

Now my INSPIRATION for this new webpage is/was ? not about to quote an EXPERT or a CELEBRITY lol no...but an ORDINARY PERSON whose OUTPUT and THOUGHTS etc impressed me enough to keep following him on facebook lol ! DAVID ! his name is DAVID...now excuse me i forget the rest of his name...I am NUMBERS not NAMES/WORDS person by nature...I will LOOK IT UP ! and put LOADS of his MEMES about fun and thought provoking stuff here...and LINKS to the MAJOR Doctors reports, REcipies links, Vegan Society, Animal Rights organisations, Literature Lists, Videos to watch links...categorised into Fun, Nice, Ideal and Reality horrors and truths...etc etc

QUOTES from Celebrities will also be included lol...well lets not get TOO obsessed with being copy cats...but SOME role models we can choose ! Athletes of Olympic status that are vegans will have a section...seems some still think ooh we must eat poisonous cruelty based on death food or we will DIE or be WEAK and UNHEALTHY...the opposite could not be more true. Let us NOT claim MIRACLE cures for anything...too many sell us those dreams already...too many LIES about things like Milk Egg and Meat have been told to us for decades too long.

TIME for WAKE UP calls...time for Finding some truths...deciding for ourselves...what we want to believe and discount.

THAT is all I wish to do with this website. If I dont do SOMETHING I will end up doing NOTHING for ages waiting for PERFECTIONISM...so LETS kick off hey ! and do SOMETHING  at least !

Menu Indexes to be..

Nutritional Information

Health Benefits Information

Recipy links by different cuisine types and SUPERMARKET LINKS of products on sale links.

Animal Cruelty Facts and Statistics trend throughout history...did you know...we kill more animals in a day than we did in a YEAR decades ago ?

Statistics of Wildlife disaster effects 70 percent of ALL wildlife on land and in seas has disappeared in the LAST 50 YEARS !

Statistics of How it takes at least 15 times more land water etc to produce a piece of dead animal burger than to feed crop foods to starving people land is stolen from !

Athletes performing superbly at world class levels on Vegan Plant diets

Vegan dogs and Cats even the Guinness Book of Records longest living dog was a vegan !

THE PROCESS problem ! of ALL CHANGE ! is what ? this ! it doesn't matter...if we are being sold a new mobile phone or mobile phone IDEA even...FIRST we RESIST CHANGE and use all sorts of STUPID yes arguments to resist change. We all do it.

THIS IS THE PROCESS ! of SALES ! of any idea or change !

There’s a psychological phenomenon that explains why intelligent, compassionate “animal lovers” consume animals and animal products, even though they are aware of the pain and suffering that farm animals endure on factory farms and in slaughterhouses.

It’s COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, the uncomfortable tension that people experience when they try to maintain two contradictory core beliefs or values at the same time.

Most people grew up consuming animals and animal products, and have continued to do so for their entire lives because of family traditions, ingrained cultural habits, convenience, and sensory pleasures. However, most people also sustain a core value that animal cruelty is wrong. Abundant evidence now exists that the animal agriculture industry unavoidably inflicts horrendous pain and suffering on these animals, but not only have we been programmed to ignore their pain and suffering – our brains are hard-wired to prevent us from focusing on what causes the paradoxical discord of cognitive dissonance.

American psychologist Leon Festinger came up with the theory of cognitive dissonance in the 1950s. Research shows that when people have a core belief or value, and they are then presented with new information that conflicts with that core belief or value, they tend to reject the new information and cling to their original core belief or value – even if the new information is rational, readily available, irrefutably backed up by concrete evidence, and right in front of their eyes!

For many people, it is too problematic to think about the connection between the living, emotional animals who suffered and the consumption of the objectified “food” – the neatly packaged and prepared corpses and bodily secretions of those tortured animals. Cognitive dissonance is a defense mechanism that unconsciously keeps people from thinking about the animals at all. They convince themselves that the “food” is an object rather than something derived from a living being who suffered.

To avoid the moral dilemma of being responsible for the suffering and slaughter of other harmless, sentient beings, people will instinctively disassociate themselves from any emotional connection to the pigs, cows, chickens and other animals in order to reduce the intrinsic value of these animals, and to eliminate them from any ethical concern. But, of course, these animals used for food are fundamentally no different from the dogs, cats, and other traditional companion animals we choose to value and love.

Cognitive dissonance causes people to compartmentalize their ethics, as they desperately try to protect their original core belief or value. They rationalize, deny, disregard, and attack. The mental game is to convince themselves that there is actually no conflict at all – in order to remain comfortable rather than change their behavior.

This cerebral tug-of-war can cause a lot of internal guilt and shame, which propels people to go to extreme lengths in order to avoid facing that their food choices are not in accordance with their ethics and values.

It’s easier for people to dismiss and avoid processing the new information rather than face their complicity and responsibility in the cruelty and suffering. Some people viciously attack or attempt to discredit the source who presents the new conflicting information. When people become irate and hateful toward vegans, it’s usually because they know that they are causing pain and suffering to animals, which clashes with their core value that animal cruelty is wrong, but they lash out at the vegans rather than deal with the cognitive dissonance and consider changing their behavior.

Some people rely on bizarre justifications for consuming animals, such as “Plants feel pain,” “Lions kill animals in the wild,” “Humans have canine teeth,” or “I need protein from meat,” to name a few common excuses.

Finally acknowledging that food we consume comes from animal cruelty means accepting that we indirectly caused the suffering, that we were misinformed by people we loved and respected, that we were duped by corporate propaganda and lies, and that we fiercely defended our choices and denied anything contrary - for our entire lives. Of course, this process involves facing hardcore truths about what we have unknowingly contributed to, which will make us feel terrible about ourselves.

Cognitive dissonance is a major obstacle to the vegan movement because it involves an emotional detoxification process that is uncomfortable and difficult for people who have been consuming animals and animal products for their entire lives. Obviously, people don’t want to deal with the appalling realization that they have been responsible for lifelong pain, suffering, and terror inflicted on gentle, harmless animals. But pretending it isn’t happening doesn’t make it stop.

Hopefully, understanding that this psychological phenomenon exists and is hard-wired in our brains can help those of us who are trying to convince our friends and family to go vegan, as well as the people who are resistant and adamantly opposed to the vegan message. When people become aware of what happens to these animals, and then deal with the cognitive dissonance, they will make compassionate, ethical choices consistent with who they really are.

ok folks...my Vegan Information webpage kicked off with the MISSION STATEMENT at least today...many pages to be added...many links to be added...in INDEXED EASY TO FIND places...I NEED ALL YOUR HELP ! articles ! everything ! http://vegan-information.com/ now I have a huge collection of LINKS and ARTICLES and VIDEOS etc. And so it will progress.

ah...i need to get  motoring ! Waheeda Mehriban just produced a facebook Vegan Recipies page for me to like ! https://www.facebook.com/Vegans00/ I CANT COOK !

and THIS IS THE VEGAN ANTHEM ! by Vegan Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders ! let us not PRETEND to love or even LIKE animals and our fellow humans...if we kill them for unnecessary pleasures that are easily satisfied other less cruel and healthier ways ...I' LL STAND BY YOU !


Other page links to come, vegan athletes, vegan videos of animal agriculture realities, famous people vegans etc

One to tickle the fancy started.. Living Role model .Body Builder Personal Trainer Hin Chun Chui


Links on HOW TO HELP at ONCE...ok STOP BUYING Dead Animal Products and Spread the Information and Stop Breeding domestic animals and HELP the RESCUED ones

HILLSIDE Animal Sanctuary is one...ooh the actor of Judge Deed Martin Shaw  supports them  like he does VIVA I see lol...nice chap...Eden Sanctuary is another for British and Irish locations of RESCUES..ESTHER THE WONDERPIG in the USA example also...ok the Brigitte Bardot foundation that sexy actress model in France did loads for decades after her career in Fashion etc etc !

Summary of the Animal Agriculture Issues. Cruelty, Unnecessary Deaths, Unhealthy Diseases to humans, Starvation of poor people, Climate Change and Pollution, Wildlife habit destruction and wildlife, water and food reduction. There is nothing NATURAL about the farm animals we humans kill, nothing NATURAL about how these caged animals are BRED and FED so much unhealthy fodder and chemicals that pass into our bodies also, nothing NATURAL about the mass excretions that pollute our AIR and WATER killing off natural wildlife and their habitats.

The FUTURE is to STOP BREEDING DOMESTIC animals that we kill...these are Frankenstein suffering breeds humans created wrongly...chickens suffer heart and limb pains due to being designed and pumped full of fast growth chemicals to be freak unnatural animals that suffer in pain due to the shape and form humans have selectively bred extremes from...just like our pedigree pets...humans have created freaks of nature with many physical deformities in the human engineered breeds. Cows pigs chickens suffer terribly due to this. WE are creating the MASS unnatural suffering and pollution of our planet starving people to waste resources on animal feed plants instead of feeding ourselves on NON GMO CROPS as is possible if we stopped wasting processing plants through unhealthy suffering animals we do not need to breed and kill for our food or anything we need. The EXTINCTION of natural WILDLIFE in our world is also LINKED to this MASSIVE over production by HUMANS of animal agriculture destruction activity !

Cruelty, Deaths, Suffering, Starvation, Pollution, Climate Change is all affected massively by this mass animal holocaust of totally unnatural levels and totally unnecessary to our needs and health let alone the lives of those bred and killed and people starved in our world that we could feed if we chose to not eat unhealthy dead herbivores who have never threatened us and do not deserve to be bred to die for our selfish unhealthy uses of them.

EU FARMER SUBSIDIES...just like USA FARMER SUBSIDIES take 40 PERCENT of all the tax payers funds ! Doesn't matter if we call it EU or NATIONAL that is HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of wasted MONEY on CRUELTY and POLLUTION creating NHS, Health Costs created by animal agriculture abuse ! WASTE OF MONEY ! lets not whine about the cost of Triple heart bypass operations hey when ANIMAL flesh and products like eggs have MASSES of CHOLESTEROL that PLANTS have NONE of  hey ! eating flesh is eating PROCESSED plants ! cut out the middle man ! the middle MEN the ANIMAL farmers are living off the blood of innocent unnecessary deaths of animals instead of picking carrots  healthy alternative farming crop agriculture !

Food economics: What if the world went vegan? - Counting the Cost   Independent OXFORD University UK calculations of SAVINGS to HEALTH CARE COSTS of going VEGAN.

Nestle, Unilever, Mars, Coca Cola, Associated British Foods,  Mondelos/Kraft, General Milk, Kelloggs Danone, PepsiCo  the big 10 companies of FOOD are the BIGGEST WORLD POLLUTERS ! and BIG ADVERTISING BUDGETS to shove their food products in all our faces constantly ! governments afraid to upset them or contradict them or tell us the TRUTH about the harming the animals our health and the planet effects they are having ! as it was for the tobacco industry for DECADES we were told smoking doesn't cause cancer lol ! aha...Heinz the baked beans manufacturer are now of course owned by usa multinational Kraft and have NO VEGAN LABEL on even their baked beans but OTHER  ORGANIC BAKED BEANS sold in uk supermarkets do !

Forget taking a shower instead of a bath trivial hype...don't eat a flesh burger saves many times more WATER for the planet and asthma costs of air pollution due to excrements of mass numbers of animals. The cost of a glass of milk isn't just deaths of baby cows born forcibly every year to be killed for mother cows to produce unnatural for humans unhealthy milk...it is pollution disease and flood defences due to climate changes cause MORE by animal agriculture than all the cars driving on our roads ! bullshit about diesel emissions when MORE THAN HALF the air pollution is caused by ANIMAL EXCREMENTS ! Asthma alone costs the NHS billions ! it wafts over as far as LONDON from East Anglia of course never mind also in the fields right next to us ! and that tosser Cameroon tried blaming the RUSSIANS for not being able to go jogging outside due to STAY INDOORS ammonia air pollution at muck spreading time Political Lies again !

Now. I think like most vegans that IGNORANCE is why anyone doesn't make CHANGES needed to anything in our lives. I like most was IGNORANT of even the way cows milk didn't just flow on tap without producing babies that were taken away AT ONCE and KILLED ! or that male baby chickens are ground up ALIVE as part of the EGG industry ! this is barbaric ! but when you don't realise...that animals bred today are FREAKS that suffer pain in chests and legs as part of the norm of their aweful purpose of existence we human farmers have done to get more money out of these verbally handicapped living creatures...well...ignorance about WE DONT NEED THEM AS FOOD even as it is POISONING us...

My email is... admin@vegan-information.com

Page Sections will include...with HUMOUR and PICTURES and VIDEOS...LINKS mostly to useful further readings...regarding vegan,veganism,information,reasons,links,animals,cruelty,food,health,diet,environment,starvation

Reasons WHY....

How and why I personally became/went Vegan...

Millennials Driving the Future Move to a Vegan World Children of the Future

Breaking News

Wildlife_extinction_decline_Animal_Agriculture_Causes (land used to grow  GMO farm animal food, excrement pollution of water killing marine life, climate change)

GOT THE VEGAN TSHIRT ! VEGAN SWEATSHIRT AND VEGAN HOODIE ! where I found my favorites...practical !

VEGAN VULTURE !  Gypohierax angolensisPalm Nut Vulture.

Fun stuff...how one UK Supermarket Tesco desperately tries to save the falling massively dairy industry rip off cruel unhealthy industry with misleading adverts lol !

  Health Reasons Facts for Veganism and a special page for Where do you/ I get your/my Protein from ?


Environmental Reasons for Veganism

WHY NOT VEGAN arguments and reasons given

Religious Reasons for Veganism in 1 word it is COMPASSION/LOVE..start page...16th feb  2017

Vegan Food Labelling in UK British Supermarkets...7th March 2017 in one word..is a "MESS". Label with "WHITE V and word VEGAN underneath" or buy Raw and learn to cook delicious food and spirulla it.

Vegan Organisations Links

VALENTINES day, Easter Egg and other Vegan Chocolates


Vegan Books Vegan Cooking Books and Vegan Guides Free, Cheap and Normal prices


Vegan Cats and Dogs Thriving on healthy Vegan plant based food


FOOD ! British SUPERMARKET pictures of Vegan Food Finds lol ! started 6th Mar 2017 to sort out more...

Vegan Events Festivals Vegfests 2017

Other page links to come, vegan athletes, vegan videos of animal agriculture realities, famous people vegans etc

One to tickle the fancy started.. Living Role model .Body Builder Personal Trainer Hin Chun Chui

Vegan Athletes

Industry Specific Pages to be done...Dairy, Meat, Poultry, Fish, Insects, Clothing Fur and Leather, Cosmetics

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Milk_Dairy_Industry_Realities    Fish Realities


Poultry Chicken  Duck Quail Turkey Pheasant Grouse Farm Realities

Those are the NICE pages, then there are THE DARK SIDE PAGES. Links to show the hidden truths and realities.

The Dark Side. Meet your Meat, Fish, Milk and Egg realities.


Meat and using animals is a choosing to make a choice to kill someone else...that involves taking away choice...from the victim.



BREAKING NEWSFLASH 22 NOVEMBER 2017...not only in Knightsbridge is there now growing VEGAN FOOD in supermarkets ROSSETT VILLAGE STORES in NORTH WALES CYMRU  EUROPE before BREXIT also ! The Future is...VEGAN !  

CHRISTMAS RESCUED TURKEYS arrive in Pulford Chester Cheshire to become VEGAN ACTIVISTS..time people got to know WHO was that unrecognisable piece of dead body on their plates that they do not need to live healthily...http://vegan-information.com/Black_Christmas_Bronze_Turkeys_Vegan_Activists.html we do not realise or associate what we eat with a living person. TOFURKY is EASILY far tastier and healthier than dead bodies as food ! 

Peace on Earth...starts with removing VIOLENCE from our plates. Christma, Xmas, Hannuka etc religious festivals if celebrations of DEATH on PLATES are irrelevant.  Peace_on_Earth.html

Little Tyke was a Vegan Lioness by choice ...famous in the USA...ALL animals can become VEGAN it is all about nutrition needs to thrive ! http://vegan-information.com/Vegan_Rescue_Kitten_New_Little_Tyke_Midnight_Hannukah_Capricorn.html

Webpage created start date 12th Feb 2017. It doesn't matter what we think most people currently think or do...if we think we can do something good even if we think it small and insignificant...it makes a difference. As the fairy queen said to Frodo in the Lord of the Rings...even the smallest person in the world can make a difference. ONE makes a difference. of about 11 thousand killed land animals and 10 thousand marine animals totalling 22 THOUSAND ANIMALS BRED AND KILLED for 1 human flesh eater lifetime, just for FOOD ! Totally unnecessarily. Just to put a FIGURE to what 1 PERSON can achieve ! SUCCESS !

Every time we refuse to buy a dead animal product we affect the future avoidable deaths of those bred in the future. Vote with our Wallets and Demand Non Animal, Healthy, Natural Food as much as possible.

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