McDonalds To Close 700 Locations After Major Profit Losses

Amid falling sales and continued financial worries, McDonald’s will be closing a record 700 stores by the end of 2015. The news comes just as states like Vermont push forward with major GMO labeling initiatives that would likely brand many of McDonald’s’ ‘balanced’ meal options as full of genetically modified ingredients. 

I’ve been very passionate about the latest financial developments regarding both McDonald’s and Monsanto, as they represent a key shift in the way that we view our food supply. With McDonald’s continually losing money on a monthly basis and attempting to appeal to the natural lifestyle crowd in order to stay afloat, we now stand at a pivotal point in our food supply’s history: will we finally be able to oust our monopolizing food corporations who refuse to remove many dangerous ingredients from their food?

As The Washington Times reports on the subject of store closures:

“After decades of aggressive expansion, the chain, now with 35,000 outlets worldwide, has been retrenching in recent years. Even before the turnaround plan was unveiled, the company said it would double the number of store closures this year to around 700.”  An unprecedented closure for a company that has traditionally been ‘exploding’ around the globe.

Meanwhile, we see sales figures for organic crops absolutely skyrocketing across the board — to the point where farmers are being forced to import organic crops from international vendors in order to meet the demand. As Christina Sarich reported back in February of this year for Natural Society:

“Over 20,000 stores now offer organic food products. A report has shown that in 2012, more than $28.4 million was spent on healthful organic food, and that number has grown since the report published such findings. According to Nutrition Business Journal, organic food sales will reach a startling $35 billion this year. For those of us who don’t take our health for granted, this is just the beginning of a food revolution.

The only hope for McDonald’s is to convince their current and future customers that they are, in fact, ‘going natural.’ And with the announcement of procuring (partially) antibiotic-free chicken ‘sometime’ in the future for their chicken-based products, we see this trend beginning. The real question, however, is this: who will buy their new narrative after years of neglecting our concerns?


Biggest Butcher Chain in North Wales in Liquidation ! out of business ! The Times they are a Changing ! Meat Sales on the Trend DOWN !

Updated 11:26, 17 FEB 2017

Butcher Tony Doyle's Quality Meats calls in liquidators

The company is one of the biggest butcher's in North Wales with mobile vans and shops

Tony Doyle, pictured right, owner and Director of Tony Doyle's Quality Meats, Tir Llwyd, Industrial Estate, Kinmel Bay pictured with Stewart Williams, Real Estate Manager at Barclays Bank

One of North Wales's leading butcher's has called in liquidators.

Tony’s Meats Ltd, which trades as Tony Doyle's Quality Meats, runs around a dozen mobile meat trucks across the region with retail premises in Kinmel Bay and Llandudno.

They visit more than 30 markets in North Wales and in England.


TIME TO START GROWING REAL HEALTHY NATURAL FOOD ! Crop Farming not Dead Animal Agriculture !


The decision, prompted by climate concerns, unleashed a beefy backlash.

Barbara Hendricks, Germany’s environment minister, announced that her ministry would no longer be serving meat, fish or meat-derived products at official functions. Hendricks said her ministry must serve as a “role model” on environmental and sustainability issues. 

We want to set a good example for climate protection, because vegetarian food is more climate-friendly than meat and fish,” the ministry said in a statement this week, according to The Daily Telegraph. The ban reportedly took effect at the end of January. 

The ministry mandate also states that meals served at official functions should be organically sourced, with a preference for seasonal, local and fair-trade products, reported German newspaper Bild. Ingredients should only be transported a short distance, the mandate said.

Protesters hold a sign reading “Eat less meat” while taking part in a demonstration during International Green Week in Berlin, Germany, January 16, 2016. Vegetarianism is reportedly on the rise in the country.

Germany Bans Meat at Official Functions! The Reason They Did it Is Even Better

We are long past the time where we can continue to deny the adverse effects that animal agriculture has on our planet. In the past 40 years, our love affair with meat and dairy has wreaked havoc on the planet. We have lost 58 percent of all wildlife from the face of the earth while countless other species are being pushed to the brink of extinction. There is currently more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than there has been in the past 800,000 years, a number that is driven primarily by animal agriculture, which accounts for 14.5 percent (or more, according to some sources) of all greenhouse gases — more than the entire transportation sector put together. Our air and waterways are also riddled with pollution due to run-off from factory farm waste, exposing us to harmful antibiotics and other toxins.

On top of all that, there are countless other problems caused by animal agriculture. It can be enough to make your head spin. Luckily, change is easy — and it begins on our plates. One German politician realized that and has decided to create change for the better. Barbara Hendricks, Germany’s current Federal Minister for the Environment and member of the Social Democrats (SPD), has just banned meat at all Environmental ministry functions. According to The Daily Telegraph, the ban came to light in an email from Hendricks to all German government department heads, stating “we want to set a good example for climate protection, because vegetarian food is more climate-friendly than meat and fish.”

This, of course, has not gone over well with other German officials. German Food Minister Christian Schmidt weighed in on the issue, stating: “I’m not having this Veggie Day through the back door. I believe in diversity and freedom of choice, not nanny-statism and ideology.” This is the same minister who has called for a ban on terms such as “vegetarian schnitzel,” “vegetarian sausage,” and “vegetarian meatballs” on the grounds that “These terms are completely misleading and unsettle consumers. I favor them being banned in the interest of clear consumer labeling.” Just like we are perplexed by the U.S. dairy industry’s uproar over the label “almond milk” or Unilever’s attempted lawsuit over vegan mayonnaise calling itself “mayonnaise,” we have to wonder if Schmidt is truly interested in protecting the fragile consumer mind or if he is simply attempting to fight the growing plant-based food industry.

While Hendricks’ ban on meat only extends to official functions for her ministry, and not what government officials will be served daily at the staff canteen, she has made a bold statement for the environment — one that we hope will inspire other government officials to do the same.



Posted on by PETA Australia

In a landmark case, an Australian shearer pleaded guilty last December to cruelty to animals. It was the first time in history a shearer has done so, anywhere in the world.

Now, four more shearers have pleaded guilty to a total of 60 charges of cruelty to animals.

The charges follow the release of a PETA US exposé which documented that Australian wool-industry workers beat scared sheep in the face with electric clippers and punched and stamped on their heads and necks. ALL wool is abuse and cruelty to animals. ALL of it involves suffering and unnecessary DEATHS of animals. Animals are NOT OURS to abuse and use at all. We do not NEED their skins suffering and deaths. There is NO KIND WAY to take from animals our mass abuse products.

Sealife Protection Change...the rings on drink cans changed due to destroying marine life (plastics greatly destroying the planet life also however)


Canadian Pizza Chain Offers Vegan Cheese at All 750 Locations VIOLIFE vegan sheeze.
The Canadian Business Journal reports that Pizza Pizza has announced it will carry vegan cheese, allowing Canada’s growing vegan community to customize their pizzas. The move makes Pizza Pizza one of the first major Canadian chains to add dairy-free cheese to their menus.

and THIS IS THE VEGAN ANTHEM ! by Vegan Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders ! let us not PRETEND to love or even LIKE animals and our fellow humans...if we kill them for unnecessary pleasures that are easily satisfied other less cruel and healthier ways ...I' LL STAND BY YOU !

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