Explanations of Common Ingredients in Vegan Cat and Dog Recipies.

Quick WIP work in progress essential ingredients explanations found to date…

Rice is not just “rice” and Tofu labels are not always clear and different words are used for same products etc etc…one needs to translate or have knowledge to know what is what…

WIP…started essentials I had to learn.

What is currently available out there December 2017 ? 5 main 100 percent vegan companies producing vegan petfoods. Major non vegan producers also producing vegan options for sick dogs such as Royal Canin, Halo etc.








Some Vegan Companion Animal Food (petfoods) Food Websites


5 main producers of vegan petfoods. .Evolution, V-Dog, Ami, Benevo, Ketun. 1 more ...Spain adult dog and adult cat foods...https://www.veggieanimals.com/


Most major Non Vegan Petood suppliers also do Vegan option...this is usually called the "hypoallergenic" petfood for sick dogs and costs much more than the 80 percent veggies based standard non vegan kibble where the 20 percent animal content caused the ill health issue due to diet in the first place. Due to wishing to support 100 percent vegan companies those are not listed.


What are the current options for feeding Cats Dogs Puppies and Kittens Vegan petfood ? December 2017...updated feb 2018

What are the current options for feeding Cats Dogs Puppies and Kittens Vegan petfood.docx

now...tidy up needed but...separate pages even to make it easier...excel files for lists...and this is the needs more work page info on home made i want to make better info...ook ok

i realise i am probably badlty nutrified or whatever the word is

i eat since several years just stuff like

red pepper humous several tubs a day with french bread

beans on toast

ready made soups i heat in the microwave

veggie crisps or plan potato crisps


i do not know how to cook.

i do not know the ingredients plants like...lentils...tofu...quino...chia...flax...tvp...etc etc those pants quorn i do not know what the fungus looks like at source i just learned it was a fungus due to research after my dogs vomited on it 2 times

so "going vegan" for me meant a massive cut down on foods and nutrition that i probably got from eating non vegan easy available ready made meals as well as on menus provided at work places i ate at in my life

so when it came to DOG AND CAT / KITTEN FEEDING...i bought ready made for them.

they probaby in the case of my dogs on royal canin then benevo organic kibbles got better nutrition than i do since several years now of going vegan..as their food was made by experts and had in the case of my dogs all they needed nutritionally

Then came the kitten.

and after false assurances from uk supplier veggiepets that ami adult cat kibble would be ok...i paniced and had to think...where do i get the ONLY other ready made kitten petfood out there for kittens ? MAXLIFE EVOLUTION i could not find ANYWHERE in the uk or europe and no one in the usa could ship it to me.

then on the facebook links on a cat group i FOUND the solution..HOME MADE KITTEN RECIPIES AND ADD VEGEKIT SUPPLEMENT POWDER

i ordered the powder and paid high cost transport to the uk from usa

then staring like a rabbit in the headlights...i stared at the recipies online on their pdf file...and started to realise...i do not understand the names of these products...i do not know how to cook them either.

this blocked my mind for some days still and stressed i just sprinkled powder of vegekit on the ami adult cat kibble.

I HAD asked on facebook cat groups...what do i do ? no one replied to the inadequate adult cat kibble issue...no one replied to how to cook the recepies of vegekit. seemed no one there was doing that ? or not online to see my questions ?

Then i pulled myself together and tried again to SEARCH for the items listed that i did not know the names or anything about them


and i get some very useful replies to some needs..


TOFU FIRM is not always reliable on labels ...I learn.


SPELT FLOUR means WITH GLUTEN FLOUR...necessary for kitten recepies...

BUCKWHEAT FLOUR is NOT gluten flour...not good for kitten recepies....

TVP is textured vegetable protein ...in packets seen on pictures online...must be processed veggies compresssed and dry flakes...

Long grain BROWN rice is best for dogs...i read on livestong onine that less carbs and easier to digest nutrients for dogs than short grain or white rice.

and i find...

WHERE TO BUY this stuff mostly...

WHOLEFOODS ONLINE...where most of the ORGANIC versions of what i want to buy can be found. HArdly anny TOFU on there...and NO LONG GRAIN BOWN RICE but something called WILD RICE from CANADA. I do not know wht this is.

sunflower lecithin...not ound on that website is on AMAZON in tubs...whatever that product is.


yesterday...i get a very useful reply ref ingredients issues on vegan cats group

so i share

because what is in recipies...needs details !

1. I don´t know if all soy flour is heat treated.

2. Flaxseed = Linseed. Brown and white are the same nutritionally (according to Dr Greger). I always buy the brown because they are cheaper.

3. Sunflower lecithin options: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_12?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=sunflower%20lecithin&sprefix=sunflower%20le%2Caps%2C192&crid=3FP282RAYMG0R

 Health food shops (e.g. Holland and Barrett) normally stock this.

4. Buckwheat is not any relation of regular wheat, so the name is unfortunate.

5. Long grain and short grain brown rice are nutritionally similar. Short grain is sometimes preferable due to its shorter cooking time. However, wild rice is not actually rice at all. Another poor naming choice. Brown rice is normally found in supermarkets.

6. Clearspring is a good brand. Tofu comes in "firm" and "silken". To confuse matters, silken is sometimes named "firm silken" but it is silken, not firm. Firm tofu sometimes comes as "extra firm". This is just as it sounds. Some "firm" tofu is still quite crumbly, and doesn´t work for some things (e.g. chick´n burgers) because it breaks apart.

The only difference is the pressing - firm tofu is pressed to squeeze out more water than silken.

You can usually find cheap tofu in Asian stores (Japanese names are momen (firm) and kinu (silken).

7. Spelt is related to wheat and contains gluten. Whole (brown) wheat flour is normal flour without bleaching or removal of the nutritious outer coating. Brown wheat flour and brown spelt flour are interchangable in recipes, but both contain gluten. Whole wheat flour can be found in all supermarkets, and most will also stock spelt. Spelt might be in a separate section.

I don´t know about the SUNFLOWER and PUMPKIN seeds but I imagine they would need to be shelled. Both are available in most supermarkets, and normally come already shelled. Sunflower seeds are grey inside with striped grey/black shells. Pumpkin seeds are dark green inside with creamy-grey shells.

Hope this helps

Noelle Obcarskas ooh yes thx...and just found out on the instant pot group that short brown rice is squidgy not the same as long grained...and long grained is best for dogs...more absorbed nutrients and less starch. and would u belive it...gazpachio beans or whateer the word is in a dog recipy are chickpeas ! one needs a transalteor for food ingredients hey. as for tofu issues...thx...that is bad as confusing hey

BOOKS ON HOW TO COOK and MULTI COOKER SUGGESTIONS. Timed electric pots that ensure food and nutrients are NOT DESTROYED BY OVERCOOKING ! 

and how to cook things in a KING PRO and WILKO or WILCO multi timer cooker...forget Instant pot...the vegan Instant pot recepies group BANNED me yesterday over VEGAN CATS AND DOGS...they do not want to help anyone with DOGS OR CATS on there...Wilko and King Pro multicookers are much cheaper do the same thing. so now i have ordered these BOOKS to learn to use and cook....Vegan Under Pressure by Jill Nussinow
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 sunflower lecithing link https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_12?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=sunflower%20lecithin&sprefix=sunflower%20le%2Caps%2C192&crid=3FP282RAYMG0R

wholefoods online uk link...dot com muust be usa worldwide link... https://www.buywholefoodsonline.co.uk/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAwp_UBRD7ARIsAMie3XaGKyu-FCR1U7OAGP4pg2QJHtDqmauKKBpLHoD7kK0ria0U9Td9JCQaAryyEALw_wcB





the problem with adding the vegekit or vegedog vegecat supplements to commercial kibbles...is ...as stated also on the compassion circle website...but NOT stated on ressellers of those supplements elsewhere...that OVERDOSE of nutrients like I know CALCIUM and other metal minerals are harmful. this important fact should be more visible on sites selling those supplements i think. I knew long ago when my dogs' ears would not stick up properly...the vet told me...do NOT give MORE calcium to sort that issue out...it could force too much growth in the puppy...keep it to the balanced needs levels.