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The Day I met James Aspey !

At Manchester Pig Save Vigil Shrove Tuesday 28th February 2017  https://www.veganeasy.org/    https://www.veganeasy.org/discover/why-vegan/

https://www.veganeasy.org/resources/vegan-health/  “The most ethical diet just so happens to be the most environmentally sound diet and just so happens to be the healthiest.” ― Dr. Michael Greger"

I gushed and gushed about how seeeing him was on a par with having seen famous people like Michael Jackson and the Pope excitedly pleased he had come to the UK and I wanted pictures of me with him and bought a couple of his teeshirts one that he had worn even the night before ! and got his autograph where he wrote more than just his name

On such a sad day for so many animals we came to see the last moments of before they went to the gas chambers...animals that James Aspey and others have spoken out so eloquently for for years...many pigs went to their horrible gas chamber deaths after their short miserable lives of a few months only in this world....is is so sad...and so unnecessary...and more need to see these things to realise what money is doing...what buying dead animals is doing that is so wrong and so unnecessary

James Aspey Vegan Teeshirts

Manchester Pig Save Teeshirt

James Aspey and and Noelle Obcarskas at Manchester Pig Save Shrove Tuesday 28th February 2017 in the sleet and snow and rain and cold

Many poor defenceless confused gentle souls went to the gas chambers that day and every day for no good reason except humanities greed and abuse for trivial pleasures that are easily satisfied by no deaths or suffering of any animals.

As I end typing...Bitish TV saying Obesity is now causing many cancers...and now overweight issues are as dangerous a risk to health as smoking was ...denied by governments for decades simply to keep big business interests protected. Animal food  products are the major cause of modern day cancers obesity etc.. The fats of animal food products cause in the case of eggs and milk prostate and ovarian cancers in humans...only the milk of one's own species is NATURAL to consume. We have been conned. About our health needs as well as the cruelty to animals involved in our modern world. IT is anything but natural. We need to go live in a cave with no wifi if we think we are cavemen doing hunting for survival. Those days are long gone we have become a holocaust every day murdering of the most defenceless herbivores on the planet that have no voices to say...stop hurting us...stop killing me...as they think and feel each and every suffocating fish calf lamb cow piglet etc as they are pushed and proded with electric sticks and whacks to their  horrific mechanised and inaccurate so painful deaths after short miserable lives.Gas chambers. Burning lungs and  eyes etc until the moment of ultimate death. That is what these pigs were subject to...for a bacon sandwich taste that is easy provided by other tasty plant based food alternatives. Gas chambers for efficiency of mass murders and holocaust of 20 million animals PER DAY in the UK alone. Let us not fuss over whose pet dog got enough WALKIES rspca visits for a smack to a pet dog by just busy body curtain twitcher xenophobes or just wishing to upset a neighbour ...go send the rspca to stop the DEATHS of the chickens on your plates down the road out of sight that suffer pain in their legs hearts etc due to the Frankenstein breed designs humans have bred them for and  pumped like all farm animals today full of hormones and chemicals not even their GMO  produced in poor countries instead of allowing crops for food for the starving there is healthy...killed full adult size at 6 weeks old if chickens.....etc

James Aspey Autograph ..VEGAN LOVE James Aspey.

and THIS IS THE VEGAN ANTHEM ! by Vegan Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders ! let us not PRETEND to love or even LIKE animals and our fellow humans...if we kill them for unnecessary pleasures that are easily satisfied other less cruel and healthier ways ...I' LL STAND BY YOU !

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Webpage created start date 12th Feb 2017. It doesn't matter what we think most people currently think or do...if we think we can do something good even if we think it small and insignificant...it makes a difference. As the fairy queen said to Frodo in the Lord of the Rings...even the smallest person in the world can make a difference. ONE makes a difference. of about 11 thousand killed animals in 1 human lifetime, just for FOOD ! Totally unnecessarily. Just to put a FIGURE to what 1 PERSON can achieve ! SUCCESS !

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