Welcome to Vegan Information! Dairy Products are a Choice taking away the Choice of animals Rights to a Choice ! We can choose to not take away those choices from others.

Cows do NOT produce milk unless they are made repeatedly forcibly pregnant by humans, have their babies taken away from them to steal their milk for humans uses. The babies are killed if males as soon as possible and the mothers also killed around age 5 years old when no longer able to be pumped unnaturally huge quantities of milk instead of their natural 20 year life. A life of suffering lameness usage and torture and death. It is a myth that Cows Milk contains health calciums etc suitable for humans. These are actually available in plant sources easily and more healthily minus the cholesterol etc unnatural for humans unhealthy substances added additionally to unhealthy allergy causing greatly animal milks meant for own species animals not humans. Too many people do not realise that a cow or animal does not produce milk unless it  has had a baby. We are hidden the TRUTHS about this dark unpleasant deadly part of the dairy industry of course. Have baby to be taken away at once and killed. Mother pumped unnaturally to get as much milk as possible until the next birth then she too is killed when only a few years old when her milk production is exhausted for commercial use.

Veganism is about Choice yes ! vegan,dairy,milk,cheese,chocolate,cows,goats,animal,cruel,murderous,unhealthy,choose no cruelty no death choose veganism

Humane Milk or Humane Dairy is a myth. It means constantly killing babies, forcibly impregnating cows repeatedly, pumping them like machines and killing them when their production drops after a few years. Nothing NATURAL about the dairy industry.

2016 Meat Dead Animals Product UK Supermarket Grocery Stores Dairy Milk Butter Cheese Sales Reduce/Drop ! Trend is huge increase in plant based and organic plant foods.

Overall sales of plant-based products are up 1,500 per cent.

Dairu causes Arthritis, Ostereoporosis in humans. It causes Allergies Lactose intolerance etc after decades of lies and myths about cows goats animals dairy milks.

Doctor Dr Michael Klaper. The human body has no more need for cow's milk than it does for dog's milk, horse's milk or giraffe's milk.

Dairy Cows Goats Animal Milks are baby killers.

Cows Goats Animal Milks forcibly produced by human Dairy Farmers contains Toxic to humans substances added hormones chemicals pesticides in the animal feed etc that passes through to give humans allergies lactose intolerance obesity cancers etc etc. Dairy products made from animal cows goats milks like chocolates milk yoghurts are unnatural unhealthy and cruel involve abuse and deaths massively.

Cows milk differs very materially from human mother's milk. It contains less sugar more fat and 4 times as much casein protein as human mothers milk. The casein in cows milk forms tough curds. It is unnatural food for humans. It is cruelty produced involving DEATHS on a massive scale. It is environmentally destructive and feeding the cattle steals land from the poor in countries with shortage of water and food and of course land stolen to feed inefficiently and destructively the steaks and dairy products of rich unhealthy nations.

Cows milk naturally is very different to human breast milk. Cows milk contains less sugar, more fat and 4 times more casein as human mother milk.

Humans over decades of consuming cows or other animal milks develop all kinds of allergies and intolerances. It increases cancer risks also.

Dr Barnard of USA World Leading Medic Doctor and Nutritionist talks about Dairy Milk Cheese negative health effects and speaks in favour of a Vegan Diet

and a very funny shorter talk by another top Medic Doctor Michael Klaper on the negative health effects of Cows or Any different species Milk

Dairy Cows or any other animal milk than one's own species causes negative effects on health.

and THIS IS THE VEGAN ANTHEM ! by Vegan Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders ! let us not PRETEND to love or even LIKE animals and our fellow humans...if we kill them for unnecessary pleasures that are easily satisfied other less cruel and healthier ways ...I' LL STAND BY YOU !

Other page links to come, vegan athletes, vegan videos of animal agriculture realities, famous people vegans etc

One to tickle the fancy started.. Living Role model .Body Builder Personal Trainer Hin Chun Chui

Links on HOW TO HELP at ONCE...ok STOP BUYING Dead Animal Products and Spread the Information and Stop Breeding domestic animals and HELP the RESCUED ones

HILLSIDE Animal Sanctuary is one...ooh the actor of Judge Deed Martin Shaw  supports them  like he does VIVA I see lol...nice chap...Eden Sanctuary is another for British and Irish locations of RESCUES..ESTHER THE WONDERPIG in the USA example also...ok the Brigitte Bardot foundation that sexy actress model in France did loads for decades after her career in Fashion etc etc !

Summary of the Animal Agriculture Issues. Cruelty, Unnecessary Deaths, Unhealthy Diseases to humans, Starvation of poor people, Climate Change and Pollution, Wildlife habit destruction and wildlife, water and food reduction. There is nothing NATURAL about the farm animals we humans kill, nothing NATURAL about how these caged animals are BRED and FED so much unhealthy fodder and chemicals that pass into our bodies also, nothing NATURAL about the mass excretions that pollute our AIR and WATER killing off natural wildlife and their habitats.

The FUTURE is to STOP BREEDING DOMESTIC animals that we kill...these are Frankenstein suffering breeds humans created wrongly...chickens suffer heart and limb pains due to being designed and pumped full of fast growth chemicals to be freak unnatural animals that suffer in pain due to the shape and form humans have selectively bred extremes from...just like our pedigree pets...humans have created freaks of nature with many physical deformities in the human engineered breeds. Cows pigs chickens suffer terribly due to this. WE are creating the MASS unnatural suffering and pollution of our planet starving people to waste resources on animal feed plants instead of feeding ourselves on NON GMO CROPS as is possible if we stopped wasting processing plants through unhealthy suffering animals we do not need to breed and kill for our food or anything we need. The EXTINCTION of natural WILDLIFE in our world is also LINKED to this MASSIVE over production by HUMANS of animal agriculture destruction activity !

Cruelty, Deaths, Suffering, Starvation, Pollution, Climate Change is all affected massively by this mass animal holocaust of totally unnatural levels and totally unnecessary to our needs and health let alone the lives of those bred and killed and people starved in our world that we could feed if we chose to not eat unhealthy dead herbivores who have never threatened us and do not deserve to be bred to die for our selfish unhealthy uses of them.

EU FARMER SUBSIDIES...just like USA FARMER SUBSIDIES take 40 PERCENT of all the tax payers funds ! Doesn't matter if we call it EU or NATIONAL that is HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of wasted MONEY on CRUELTY and POLLUTION creating NHS, Health Costs created by animal agriculture abuse ! WASTE OF MONEY ! lets not whine about the cost of Triple heart bypass operations hey when ANIMAL flesh and products like eggs have MASSES of CHOLESTEROL that PLANTS have NONE of  hey ! eating flesh is eating PROCESSED plants ! cut out the middle man ! the middle MEN the ANIMAL farmers are living off the blood of innocent unnecessary deaths of animals instead of picking carrots  healthy alternative farming crop agriculture !

Food economics: What if the world went vegan? - Counting the Cost   Independent OXFORD University UK calculations of SAVINGS to HEALTH CARE COSTS of going VEGAN.

Nestle, Unilever, Mars, Coca Cola, Associated British Foods,  Mondelos/Kraft, General Milk, Kelloggs Danone, PepsiCo  the big 10 companies of FOOD are the BIGGEST WORLD POLLUTERS ! and BIG ADVERTISING BUDGETS to shove their food products in all our faces constantly ! governments afraid to upset them or contradict them or tell us the TRUTH about the harming the animals our health and the planet effects they are having ! as it was for the tobacco industry for DECADES we were told smoking doesn't cause cancer lol ! aha...Heinz the baked beans manufacturer are now of course owned by usa multinational Kraft and have NO VEGAN LABEL on even their baked beans but OTHER  ORGANIC BAKED BEANS sold in uk supermarkets do !

Forget taking a shower instead of a bath trivial hype...don't eat a flesh burger saves many times more WATER for the planet and asthma costs of air pollution due to excrements of mass numbers of animals. The cost of a glass of milk isn't just deaths of baby cows born forcibly every year to be killed for mother cows to produce unnatural for humans unhealthy milk...it is pollution disease and flood defences due to climate changes cause MORE by animal agriculture than all the cars driving on our roads ! bullshit about diesel emissions when MORE THAN HALF the air pollution is caused by ANIMAL EXCREMENTS ! Asthma alone costs the NHS billions ! it wafts over as far as LONDON from East Anglia of course never mind also in the fields right next to us ! and that tosser Cameroon tried blaming the RUSSIANS for not being able to go jogging outside due to STAY INDOORS ammonia air pollution at muck spreading time Political Lies again !

Now. I think like most vegans that IGNORANCE is why anyone doesn't make CHANGES needed to anything in our lives. I like most was IGNORANT of even the way cows milk didn't just flow on tap without producing babies that were taken away AT ONCE and KILLED ! or that male baby chickens are ground up ALIVE as part of the EGG industry ! this is barbaric ! but when you don't realise...that animals bred today are FREAKS that suffer pain in chests and legs as part of the norm of their aweful purpose of existence we human farmers have done to get more money out of these verbally handicapped living creatures...well...ignorance about WE DONT NEED THEM AS FOOD even as it is POISONING us...

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40 PERCENT of all EU funds go to ? ANIMAL AGRICULTURE ! it doesnt matter whether it is the EU or National...USA same percentage...

More Subsidies

In 2004 EU dairy farmers received a total of €970 million in direct aid from the EU, with UK farmers receiving €119 million (26). Since 2005 records for funding have changed which means it is not possible to tell exactly what type of farming receives what amounts.

VIVA explanation of Realities of UK British Dairy Industry http://www.viva.org.uk/dark-side-dairy/dairy-industry-britain

PETA explanation of Realities of Dairy Industry. http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-food/factory-farming/cows/dairy-industry/

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One to tickle the fancy started.. Living Role model .Body Builder Personal Trainer Hin Chun Chui

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Webpage created start date 12th Feb 2017. It doesn't matter what we think most people currently think or do...if we think we can do something good even if we think it small and insignificant...it makes a difference. As the fairy queen said to Frodo in the Lord of the Rings...even the smallest person in the world can make a difference. ONE makes a difference. of about 11 thousand killed animals in 1 human lifetime, just for FOOD ! Totally unnecessarily. Just to put a FIGURE to what 1 PERSON can achieve ! SUCCESS ! Every time we refuse to buy a dead animal product we affect the future avoidable deaths of those bred in the future. Vote with our Wallets and Demand Non Animal, Healthy, Natural Food as much as possible. NON (MURDERED) ANIMAL. Vegan.

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