Pets are not Vegan. Domesticated Animals are not Vegan.

"pets" are not vegan or "natural" in any way. so long as we continue to think it "natural" for humans to "keep" animals, deprive them of their natural wishes for freedom, put collars chains on them etc... it is no wonder we choose to KILL other animals that just happen to not suit our emotional needs as easily as the "pet" species for entertainment and companionship that is practical to us.

Whether a dog or cat or mouse or rabbit "forced" to live in human homes and cages only doing out when humans decide wearing collars chains leads going to vets taken there by humans bred to be killed as food animals…all these animals…are abuses of natural animal rights and natural lifestyles.

We USE animals…for OUR emotional needs of companionship and support. We USE animals to eat. We USE animals to wear etc. We USE pets and all animals with the attitude that we “own” them or have the “right” to cage imprison them breed them and kill them….because we CAN.

We humans have “created” Frankenstein human designed breeds of domestic animal breeds to suit our needs and wishes.

They are unnatural and dependant totally on us as prisoners. They get to have any freedoms of movement under our total controls and chains etc allowed freedom only as we decide.

They could not in most cases survive alone in the “wild” the domestic invasive cat species would destroy 1000 animals per year per cat if allowed to breed as feral cats. Australia ALL countries have to CULL MILLIONS of these invasive species domestic breed cats not natural to those ecosystems to preserve other species of wildlife constantly heading to exctinction. 20 percent of extinction of real wildlife is destroyed by the domestic cat breeds in fact per wildlife conservationist figures.

Feral dogs Feral cats would breed and be bigger nuissances to human world than rats and mice and rabbits. So culling them …putting them in “rescues” and culling HALF of them is actualy the only practical solution.

In “rescues” dogs bark and suffer mental torture for their entire existence in caged cells as prisoners. It is NOT a life they choose or would choose they bark in distress and mental torture. Cats do not show stress as visibly as dogs who bark greatly. Yet they too are restricted as unwilling prisoners deprived of all freedom  and natural behaviour they would choose to indulge in.

Farm animal breeds are genetic human designed unnatural freaks of nature bred to extremes that mean they suffer leg pains and heart etc pains just for the short unnatural lives they are used for. They could not survive in the wild they are nothing like their original wild ancestors…hens…turkeys…original ancestors could FLY …ducks turkeys etc today bred species by humans are freaks of nature.

Too often people get wound up about what is FED to these “pets” as if nutrition is not all animals needs to thrive in reality…those that decide that some animals called “pets” deserve to live off the bred and  killed and canned etc by HUMANS  lives…is ridiculous…there is nothing natural about feeding bred by humans in cages cows pigs chickens etc animals to feed other animals. Totally unnatural. Feeding them VEGAN is easy and the LEAST of the FORCING a human lifestyle on the “pet” animals. The real issue…is WHY ARE HUMANS “owning” and  “controlling” animals  at all ?

What is the difference…between killing a “rescue” dog or cat or a “rescue” rabbit or mouse ? if rescues feed other bred by humans animals to “rescue” dogs and cats and snakes…they are causing MORE deaths than If they simply culled the rescue cat or dog.  Fact. HALF of the RESCUE dogs and cats ARE destroyed…culled. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of feral cats and dogs  are culled . Those that are kept in MENTAL TORTURE PRISON CELLS getting is it 20 minutes “walkies” on a lead…are tortured PRISONERS. No real FREEDOM or quality of life.

We are so USED to the sight of animals on chains and collars…we think this “normal” but it is enslavement of animals that we have to treat like this against their will totally due to them NOT understanding and sharing our tv internet car driving human world activities so having to have their freedoms restrained to FORCE them to comply with our wishes of their behaviour and existence.

Non Pet Owners are in fact more respectful of animals than pet owners. They do not  force unnatural lifestyles on other aniamls that they as non pet owners recognise better than the pet owners do not share the same interests or wishes of lifestyles that we humans enjoy.


The ultimate ideal world…is one where NO MORE ANIMALS ARE BRED BY HUMANS to be killed by humans.

The ultimate ideal world…is one where NO MORE PETS exist forced to live  as humans want.

In the meantime ? we are going to continue imprisoning animals that are "practical" to keep imprisoned as "pets" ...castrate them against their wishes...restrict their freedoms of movement....and give them collars and chains etc to have their "affections" to us and "entertainment" ? and not  recognise that as animal abuse and non vegan ? and if feeding them non vegan...breed and kill many other animals to keep the "pet" ones alive ? 

I believe...those that REFUSE to have "Pets" as recognising that we humans do NOT share the same interests and wishes for lifestyles we humans have..are actually doing VEGANISM and the ENDING OF the species of  PETS a great favour.  It is "pet ownership" that drives the numbers in rescues that are put down by HALF ! it is "pet owners" that drive people to coo and think..."i want one of those" ! 

What is the parading dressed up "pets" to encourage the "standard norm" expectations of others seeing this as "normal" to copy that behaviour ? when that encourages the millions that ARE destroyed in rescues. 

It is NOT POSSIBLE for  the 8 MILLION PER YEAR in the USA alone cats and dogs in rescues to be kept alive. HALF are destroyed on average in EVERY civilised country in the world.  The UK has HALF of all RSPCA cats and dogs euthanised. Fact. And every country is similar.

What would be the effect…if people realised…100 percent KILL/EUTHANISATION of any abandoned or feral dogs and cats ? I estimate…the DETERRENT to “own pets” would make a MASSIVE effect…because right now…people get a “feel good” factor of the HALF only that are rescued..put into PRISON CELLS to bark and be mentally tortured with 20 minutes walkies per day on leads…and IGNORE that 4 MILLION PER YEAR ARE EUTHANISED i the usa alone ! there are NEVER going to be enough people to ADOPT a rescue cat or dog ! and by doing so…it encourages even MORE to abandon ! STOP PET OWNERSHIP and accept…ABANDONED means DEATH…I estimate…the pet ownership numbers and therefore abandons and DEATHS would reduce after year 1 of a 100 percent EUTHANISATION of all rescues policy DRAMATICALLY ! and thus SAVE MORE LIVES ! of dogs…cats…and all the animals bred to feed unnecessarily these prisoners funded by people thinking this system is working ! it is not !  pet ownership…ENCOURAGES more pet ownership. Encourages MORE abandonments and ferals and so MORE DEATHS ALL ROUND.

Some links to well explained Vegan Anti Pets leading essays and speeches.

A bas le Ciel philosopher/social commentator on Vegan and other issues.

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10 août 2016 - This deep sorrow and dread, I believe, is at the heart of the difficulty some non-vegansand vegans have in considering a world without domestication, particularly a world without “pets.” Many of us see our companion and rescue animals as family, and treat them accordingly. We draw comfort from their ...

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31 juil. 2012 - My partner and I live with five rescued dogs, including dogs who had health problems when we adopted them. We love them very much and try very hard to provide them the best of care and treatment. (And before anyone asks, all seven of us are vegans!) You would probably not find two people on the ...

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11 sept. 2016 - The Abolitionist position on domestication is also explored in other posts on this site, including here and here. **********. If you are not vegan, please go vegan. Veganism is about nonviolence. First and foremost, it's about nonviolence to other sentient beings. But it's also about nonviolence to the earth and ...

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Vegan Cats (Again). Domestication is morally unjustifiable and we should stop bringing domesticated animals, including dogs and cats, into existence. With respect to those dogs and cats now in existence, we have a moral obligation to care for them. After all, they did not asked to be placed in a world in which they don't fit; ...

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25 déc. 2017 - But one question that comes up time and again, within and outside the vegancommunity, is where vegans should stand on getting pets. ... That means eating meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and not buying leather, suede and any other animal hides for fashion or interior purposes. Why?

John Bryant says 'the cat, like the dog, must disappear'  John Bryant, Fettered Kingdoms. John wrote it back in 1982

"The cat, like the dog, must disappear..... We should cut the domestic cat free from our dominance by neutering, neutering, and more neutering, until our pathetic version of the cat ceases to exist."

An animal rights veteran who has condemned the keeping of pets and said that dogs should be liberated “from our firesides” is part of a hardline attempt to seize power at the RSPCA.

John Bryant, author of key tracts in animal liberation philosophy, has called for the pet pooch to be freed from the leather nooses and chains that enslave it. Also standing are a couple who founded a think tank studying how “non-human animals can be represented in democratic systems” and a vegan who compared the treatment of farm animals to the Holocaust.

Slaves of Our Affection: The Myth of the Happy Pet Paperback – February 7, 2015

The anthromorphology of humans treatment of animals they call "pets"...ridiculing them...undignified to the animal's wishes...just to "entertain" humans and insult the true nature and wishes of another animal. Because we humans have the POWER and CAN do this...this is what we do amuse ourselves and force animals to be disrespected for their true wishes.

It is not a question of trying to say oh that "costume" is "tasteful" or not...that is playing with silly aspects of this issue...the basic issue is NONE of those human attires are NATURAL to such animals or of any practical use to them and NOT what they wish for ! just have to "tolerate" as they tolerate every aspect of their lives we impose on them. Their FREEDOM most of all. NO WAY has any "PET" real freedom more than minutes or hours of a day that WE decide on how and when. 

when we treat animals we own called "Pets" we control every aspect of their lives of with such disrespect for who they really are and surprise we do not respect LIVES of animals that are NOT our PETS for our entertainment.

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