A Vegan Nation USA Radio talk just done today 27th December 2018 with Marlene Narrow the host of the radio talk.

Now to listen to...for POSTERITY here is the recording of the USA radio talk we did !  et voila ! le discours ! je leur explique...ce que veut dire OBLIGER l'origine du mot "obligate" utilisee pour les canivores ! ca veut dire FORCER ! le discours...and now...for POSTERITY here is the recording of the USA radio talk I did ! I mention Vegan Cats open public group English language cats group where posts of thousands of members can be read and the France French vegan cats group Chats et Chiens végétaliens ( and the Germany German Vegan Cats group Vegane Katzen. and I mentioned Vegan Cats and Dogs United English language group.CHESTER and CHESHIRE get mentions of course ! The story of MIDNIGHT adopted on the 1st day of Hanukkah Wednesday 13th December 2017 the CHESHIRE CAT ! the festival of lead us out of the dark.


Lewis Carroll a devout Christian wrote the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat was a major player in the story. 

“Please, would you tell me,” said Alice, a little timidly,… “why your cat grins like that?”

“It’s a Cheshire cat,” said the Duchess, “and that’s why.”

From Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Did the Cheshire Cat really EXIST however other than in the story of Alice in Wonderland ? well YES ! it is on a CHESHIRE CHURCH in WARRINGTON ! Grappenhall a cat carved below the west window of the St. Wilfrid Church in the Grappenhall Warrington village, in Cheshire, the County that Lewis Carroll was born. 

Now back to more REAL CATS...VEGAN CATS ! of our time ! 

I add the FRENCH as usual are AHEAD OF the ANGLOPHONES for being able to provide such a list already ! more details to come ! photos and details of vegan fed French cats and what they eat here ! 45 pictures and details of cats...and an additional 7 narratives. (discovered only Tuesday 18th December 2018 on joining a Facebook Vegan Cats and Dogs group ! they replied with that link within 1 minute. Fast accurate and informative ! Well facebook was created by a Frenchman of course.  Chats et Chiens végétaliens (

Non French cats details in progress as people struggle to provide basic details of interest to others...

1st...the most FAMOUS or INFAMOUS VEGAN CAT IN THE WORLD ! UMA ! read all about her on that link lol ! the media had a FIELD day about her ! Harry Bolman Australian from Down Under spokesperson ! 

Below Picture of Midnight my kitten age 6 months old after eating Vegan for 3 months since she was 3 months old.Weight 1.6kg. 

I have been very active educating people on youtube and facebook twitter about the approved vegan petfoods. The common accusation of "animal abuse" due to ignorance is rife out there.

What i found regrettable as unable to provide is lack of even ONE simple list of say 100 VEGAN CATS with simple details of HOW LONG FED vegan and 1 picture of each cat or videos even if like I and some other people have them BLOOD TESTS done as I have done 2 times for y 1 year old vegan cat as well as the cheap urine test strip results.

THIS WEBPAGE is the ONLY ONE that I think OTHERS COULD EMULATE with narrative and some pictures to have a page for their own cats under the CAT NAME I suggest. Age, How aquired, What Fed and any health issues. All animals can get sick...there are many variables involved. Cats have as a species specific weaknesses relating to UTI Kidney, Heart and FIV type specific diseases irrespective of diet but worsened by  bad diets for sure...kidney diseases are most prevalent in Raw Flesh Fed Cats. Fact. Manhatten USA years vegan fed thrived Vegan Cat example and narrative of owner.

I offer...if members here and elsewhere would provide me such details to do a WEBPAGE of these lists for others to provide as references.

15 000 people have gone AWOL over VEGAN CATS Fake news....5,342 have SHARED just one post on this fake news with thousands of hostile whoops of ignorant joy at the thought of JAIL or PRISON for erroneous anonymous so worthless alleged RSPCA claims that vegan cat owners were going to jail lol !

you could not make this up !

thousands...of GULLIBLES out there !

IDIOTS ! illiterates ! no rspca spokesperson said vegan feeding cat owners were doing anything wrong ! anonymous articles are worthless you gullible prats ! Andrew Knight Mike Creighton 5,342 shares of all about it on lol and order in the uk from healthy vegan catfood dogfood ! FAKE NEWS ! no rspca spokesperson said vegan feeders were a problem. Idiots sent them to ME and they saw the vegan cat dogs turkeys and their food. NO ISSUES. Summary of the main arguments against vegan fed cats...

1. FORCING an animal to eat (putting food in a bowl is not force feeding)

2. AGAINST NATURE (owning an animal and another species feeding it is unnatural)

3. CATS WILL DIE THIS CAT IS AN EXCEPTION (cats are cats biologically the same no cat not getting the nutrients needed for life itself would survive)

4. CATS NEED MEAT (cats need nutrients that are NOT in the MEAT in petfoods like Taurine and VitA, Arginine due to cooking destroying those and synthetic vegan supplements are added as standard to all petfoods so cats are alive thanks to vegan essential nutrients, raw feeding experts all recommend adding the synthetic supplement Taurine)

5. Cats hunt have teeth sizes to tear flesh (kibble modern petfood is hardly tear it up to eat it material and cats do not fish fish are actually unhealthy toxic to cats per any cat nutrition expert)

6. PROTEIN is digestible proven from plant sources by cats.

Animal petfood protein is the 5th largest continent. the real wildlife of this world has had its habitats destroyed by animal agriculture growing 1000 times more plants to simply process them via animal flesh for nutrients already there.

TAURINE, VITAMIN A and ARGININE are synthetic so VEGAN anyway in all supplements and in all commercial quantified ingredients. THESE are the essentials a cat species needs to even LIVE...without arginine a cat can die in 1 day. ALL PETFOODS have these as Synthetic so VEGAN as standard in all petfoods that quantify those nutrients in the petfoods sold.

LIONS and TIGERS are practically EXTINCT today due to animal agriculture the main cause of their loss of habitats growing 1000 times more plants to feed farmed killed animals. 26 states of Africa have no more lions at all...only 20 thousand lions remain in the world and less than 4 thousand tigers. There are more domestic pet cats in 1 city than the entire world population of lions and tigers. for information.. would benefit us and encourage others to feed vegan if we had evidence of cats living 1 year 5 years 10 years one I testimonial on Evolution petfood cat found living 20 years on vegan diets.  because people ignorant of the FACT these petfoods have PASSED the nutrients tests for petfoods would benefit and stop saying...THEY WILL DIE SOON as people do yell from ignorance and shock at discovering that TAURINE some realise IS essential to a cat even being alive is VEGAN SYNTHETIC as STANDARD in ALL petfoods vegan or non vegan ! so cats are alive and not blind if fed correctly thanks to a VEGAN essential nutrient ! This comes as a huge shock discovery to most pet cat owners. 

Another shock to discover is that scientist autopsies on WILD lion felines found 74 and 87 percent UTI/KIDNEY DISEASES in them ! on their RAW FLESH DIETS obviously ! so the misconception that petfoods cause DOMESTIC cats MORE such diseases is INCORRECT and the total OPPOSITE of what people expect to be the truth ! date of autopsies stated.."overview on spontaneous diseases occurring in 38 captive wild felids submitted for necropsy by German zoological gardens between 2004 and 2013. Species included 18 tigers, 8 leopards, 7 lions, 3 cheetahs and 2 cougars with an age ranging from 0.5 to 22 years. Renal lesions, predominantly tubular alterations (intra-tubular concrements, tubular degeneration, necrosis, intra-tubular cellular debris, proteinaceous casts, dilated tubuli) followed by interstitial (lympho-plasmacytic inflammation, fibrosis, metastatic-suppurative inflammation, eosinophilic inflammation) and glomerular lesions (glomerulonephritis, glomerulosclerosis, amyloidosis) were detected in 33 out of 38 animals (87%). " RAW DIETS WELL FED WILD LION ETC SPECIES GOT RENAL DISEASES ON THEIR NATURAL DIETS...hardly what domestic cat owners want....only 30 percent of domestic pet cats get kidney diseases..which is still high...but reduced from the RAW DIET WILD RELATIVES hey.

This was the latest SPAT I had link.

I would urge all members here with vegan

1. Send me a picture of their vegan cat. Videos even if done.

2. Give me the age or time the cat has been fed vegan.

3. If name of owner is wished to be kept secret from the public for whatever reason LIKE AVOIDING HOSTILE ANGRY IGNORANT ABUSIVE COMMUNICATIONS just state LOCATION and name of the cat and name of the food fed.

I will put such a list on separate page on my website....and suggest ANYONE should and could do the same if they wish to share this list.

Title of the page I will create would be..LIST OF VEGAN CATS. Now if more than 1 sentence...add any health issues had of the cat over lifetime. We are not wishing to HIDE details. All animals can get sick. All have individual allergies etc and cats get uti/kidney diseases on non vegan diets bigtime as well as heart issues it is a cat species genetic weakness. Environmental issues also affect cats. However is surely start helping the cause, animals better than we are currently doing. needs updateing with more.This could be done for VEGAN CATS list needed and ADD more dogs too for the dogs list.

I start...with the OLDEST VEGAN CAT testimonial found on Evolution vegan petfoods of the USA who have been providing approved vegan petfoods to cats for 30 years and more to date in 2018.

1. 20 year old lived Vegan Fed Cat and 15  year old vegan fed cat Beau. USA.

"Hi Evolution Pet Food Staff: Beau, my kitty, loves your food and he is healthy and happy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your product. Every time the Vet tries to sell me food when I take him in for his yearly check up she can’t believe he’s 15 and looks so good. I smile and say thank you and no I’ll feed him myself.

My other cat lived to about 20 years old on Evolution Pet Food. I wouldn’t feed my “furry kids” anything else!! I’m vegetarian too and it only helps the earth to keep it that way – the veggie way.

Thank you again. Your loyal customer, Nancy B.Conklin"


2. MY 1 year fed now vegan cat Midnight December 2018 age 1 year 3 months old. Fed vegan from age 3 months old obtained from a rescue in Wales, Capricorn. Lives in Chester, Engand, Europe. Weight 3kg. Weighed just under 1 kg when age 11 weeks. Turns silver greyish in heat of summer strong sun. Indoor cat outside briefly in summer under supervision. Spent about 3 days all day out in summer. Not recommended as near busy main road. Noelle Obcarskas is my name.

Fed Ami kibble catfood, occasionally home made Vegepet lentils recipy she adores, and Benevo kibble catfood. She is not keen on wet catfood but drinks plenty filtered water and plant coconut milk.

Blood tests done twice, both after 24 hours fasting I add prior to her spay operation done at age 1 year old not 6 months. High EOS on 2nd test done age 1 year old when spayed indicated internal parasites not a diet issue and sure enough I had forgotten to worm her for months.

Type of cat: born feral rescue black cat possibly shadow or smoke tabby. Turns into silver back colour in strong summer sun goes back to jet black for autumn.

Age: 1 year old September 2018.

Time fed vegan: 12 months, 1 year as at December 2018.

Housing: human house 99 percent of time outside only under supervision.

Health Status or history of health problems: Healthy. No problems except worming missed.

Below Pictures of Midnight age 1 year old December 2018. Adult cat. Vegan fed since 11 weeks old when taken from Rescue. Adult Weight 3kg.

above photos age 1 year old. 

below pictures of her age 11 weeks on arrival then 6 months old bushy tailed gleaming coat and eyes. Weight just under 1kg.

below picture of Midnight age 6 months old weight 1.6kg.

Videos on youtube: various...some links here...more to follow...and integration possible.

Blood test photos to be added in separate page.


3. OSCAR age 21.

Fran Derbyshire from Brighton fed her cat Oscar a vegan diet for the last 8 years of his life, until the ripe old age of 21. He was on Benevo dry and “took to it straight away”.


4. Magic age 7 years old and Jonke age 5 years old December 2018. UK residents in Britain vegan cats.

above Magic 7 year old vegan fed cat


The Valiant Vegan

December 18, 2016 ·  · 

I have put off writing about this for a little while as it causes such controversy. This is where being 'valiant' comes in. So here goes....

The two cats you see in this photo are mine. Magic is on the left. Jonke (pronounced Yonky) is on the right. They are eating vegan cat food.

Let me tell you their stories.

My mother lived next door to a lady in her 90s. The neighbour decided that she wanted company so asked my mother to assist her in getting her a cat. My mother in turn asked for my help. I highlighted the neighbour's age and stressed that if mother was going to do this, the cat needed to be of advanced years as otherwise the cat was guaranteed to outlive the neighbour, and mother needed to be prepared to take the cat on if that did in fact happen.

One Thursday evening, mother told me that my cousin's cat had committed some misdemeanour leading him to be rejected from the household therefore mother told him, "I know someone that wants a cat". The cat had moved in that evening. He was 18 months old. The cat was nervous and hid beneath the armchair. The neighbour was displeased with this as she had wanted him to curl up on her lap. On Saturday lunchtime, less than 48 hours later, I received a phone call, "Joanna, do you want a cat?"

So Magic ate the food that came with him whilst I ordered vegan cat food from and has only eaten vegan cat food since. That was 5 years ago.

My day job is as a team leader for a local authority. My position is a job share and I work the latter end of the week. The day before I was due in, a member of my team asked everyone in the office if they could rehome a cat that belonged to a family member who was terminally ill. The cat was being fed by a neighbour but was at home alone as the family member was in hospital. There were no takers. I walked in on my first working day and a colleague on the adjacent table shouted "Jo, do you want a cat?". The whole office turned to look at me. They all know I love animals. This is the cat of a family member of someone I care about. Of course I am going to say yes.

He was delivered to me later that day, with the family fully aware that he would be fed a vegan diet. This was four months ago. He was vegan from the moment he stepped into my house.


They are both fed Ami cat food which is a complete cat food made from plants. All of the nutrients are there, including taurine which is the nutrient that makes cats 'obligate carnivores' however taurine can be synthesised, and in fact it is this synthesised taurine that is supplemented in animal-based cat food.

I have been called an animal abuser by vegans for not giving my cats other animals to eat. If there is a vegan alternative, why would I not feed them it? Magic is fit, healthy, nimble, has a shiny coat, has never been ill in 5 years, is happy and has upon meeting him, reassured others that vegan cat food is a possibility. For me to believe that killing countless other animals so that my cats can eat them would make me speciesist and this is exactly what I fight every day to end.

If you would like to speak to me about my experience of being a vegan cat mum, you are very welcome to.

5. Celine 20 year old in 2018 UK Vegan fed Cat

Celine was one of the Hillgrove Farm Cats Bred for Vivisection. The farm went out of business following a sustained campaign by Animal Rights Activists. Celine has been thriving on a plant based diet for 20 years. This is a photo taken 5th December 2018

6. Poppy lived nearly 20 years old Vegan fed cat UK Britain.

Celine and Poppy. The Siamese boy died last year just a few days short of his 20th Birthday. He had been vegan for about 10 years and remained very healthy, he died in his sleep (in my bed). Celine the black cat was rescued from a vivisection farm estimated age 9 to 18 months old. 15 years later she had a routine check-up and the vet said she has the blood profile of a 7 year old cat! Celine has also enjoyed a vegan diet for 10 years. I give her Benevo Kibble.

7. 7 year old 3 year old and 1 year old vegan cats December 2018

VeganPet which is an Australian brand. They are all girls except the black one.

You want more details?

Lulu is the calico, she’s the one who had blood tests done recently

Everybody else had vet checks in August and the vet didn’t think they needed tests

above 8 year old vegan fed cat

below nearly 1 year old vegan fed cat

above 2.5 year old vegan fed cat

above 7 year old vegan fed cat Mira

8. Leeloo.  age 4 months old and Queen Mew age 1.5 years December 2018.

Vyara V. Dobrotina shared a photo to the group: Vegan Cats.

December 14 at 1:50 PM · 

One of my feline companions, Leeloo, and her favorite nutritionally complete vegan cat food.

Below Leelou age 6 months old December 2018.

below is Queen Mew...Age 1.5 years old November 2018. Vegan since adoption. On Evolution for the most part but she started off on VegeKit, then on canned Evolution (didn’t like it), Ami for a short while (didn’t digest well) and finally Gourmet Maximum Life proved to be perfect for Mew. 

Mew was adopted in November 2017 from a local shelter when she was about 5 mo. old.

Moreover, feeding Mew and Leeloo nutritionally complete vegan cat food solved another huge problem: my hubby’s allergies to cats. He had tests and all proving the allergies. It was so bad (and getting worse), 5 years ago we had to adopt out the other two cats we had welcomed in our family. Back then both us and our furry companions were nonvegan. We used to bathe them, clean them with anti-dander moist wipes, the house was meticulously cleaned. Hubby was given desensitizing shots every two weeks and took antihistamines. Nothing helped.

With Mew and Leeloo, after adoption from local shelters and during the transitioning from nonvegan to vegan food, my hubby had symptoms. Since switching them completely to vegan food — no symptoms. None whatsoever! No bathing, no moist wipes. 

9. ROGER VEGAN CAT. 1 year fed vegan adult cat SINCE AGE 3 now 4 year old DECEMBER 2018.

This is what I know about Roger my 4yr old fiv cat.....he was picked up off the streets somewhere in Peterborough and ended up a Cat Protection Centre in North London. At the time of him coming in to the centre his age was estimated around 3yrs old....after test he was found to have fiv....but not on any kind of medication so must be early stages. I collected him from the cat protection centre 4th feb 2018 and have had Roger living with me now for nearly 11 months. Since I've had him from day 1 hes been eating and enjoying a plant based cat food....hes  only tried Ami and Benevo wet and dry food, but I mostly buy him Benevo Canned and dry food. His health has been great since transitioning to a nutritionally complete plant based cat food and I have confidence that his plant based diet is going to strengthen his immune system and help him have a long happy healthy life. Roger with FIV a common cat health problem has regular urine pH tests...and when once the reading was 7...higher than the normal 6.5 ideal for cats...he reverted to normal after eating some peas ! vitamin C, Cranberries are also acifiers if urine is too alkaline to avoid Struvite crystals common to cats. Oxalite crystals due to too acidic urine are now more common for non vegan fed cats as petfoods were acidified more to try deal with the struvite more common crystals some years ago that non vegan fed cats were getting frequently. 


Here is some info that helped me research it more. Comment is from a fellow vegan. 

Tomas Anthony's comment.

Dec 13, 2018, 12:35 AM

Dr. Armaiti May, vegan veterinarian: Eco-Vegan Gal interview

Cats do not need meat to survive.

Technically speaking, cats need a specific profile of nutrients which meet all of their dietary needs. Chief among these are taurine, arachidonic acid, pyridoxine, methionine, and vitamin A. It just so happens that these nutrients are conveniently packaged in the proper proportions in form of fresh meat. It is also important that the cat's diet allows them to maintain a healthy pH balance between 6.2-6.4

Now, if modern science could provide a way to deliver these nutrients without the need for killing animals in horrific slaughterhouse conditions, would this be such a terrible thing? The commercial meat-based pet food industry creates a 'food' that is so far removed from the natural diet of the ancestor of the common housecat, and one that is so lacking in the essential nutrients that a cat needs, that they must supplement their product with the very same nutrients that vegan cat food manufacturers add to their products (taurine, vitamins, minerals, etc...). Go read the label on your meat based cat food. Again, if this is the perfect food for them, then why the need for all of the supplementation? The main difference between a meat-based cat food and a plant-based cat food is with the percentage of calories derived from protein. In most cases, this difference does not seem to negatively affect the health of cats eating a plant-based diet. A small percentage of cats who are genetically predisposed to urinary tract issues may experience increased symptoms on a plant-based diet, and without due care, this may manifest as feline lower urinary tract disease. This condition occurs when the urine is too alkaline and crystals form in the bladder. Keep in mind that this problem is not isolated to cats being fed a plant-based diet. The vast majority of cats who develop feline lower urinary tract disease are being fed a typical meat-based diet. For those cats who are affected, the makers of Vegecat have “Vegecat phi”, a supplement that brings pH level to a healthy range and eliminates this problem.

Furthermore, as a vegan, why would you choose to doom hundreds of animals to die in a slaughterhouse to feed a single animal that only exists due to human irresponsibility and hubris? Why love one animal (your pet cat) and kill others (cows, chickens, turkeys, sheep, etc)? Isn't this the same question that we ask carnists? Domestic cats should not really exist, at all. Their existence is not 'natural', so to talk about the 'natural' diet of such animals is complete nonsense. The pet issue is a man made problem, and a man made solution has been created to deal with it. Feeding dogs a plant based diet is a no-brainer and nearly impossible to screw up. As for cats, several companies have spent the last few decades working hard to develop plant based formulations that cater to the nutritional needs of cats. Any person who is serious about veganism and saving the lives of animals would jump at this chance! While we are dealing with this situation of pet overpopulation, why exacerbate the problem by bringing even more animals into the circle of suffering?

People often claim that feeding their cat a plant-based diet is cruel because it harms the health of the cat. Given that all required nutrients are present in such diets, and reasonable protocols have been developed to monitor and avoid conditions which lead to urinary crystal formation, these claims have no logical basis. Conversely, what percentage of domesticated cats eating standard cat food finish their lives with a tearful goodbye at a vet clinic because of cancer or some other malady which forces their owners to "put them to sleep"? Is the particular diet that was fed to the cat for all her life ever questioned? Do people harp on these pet owners about how they ruined the health of their cat? Are these pet owners met with the same abusive, indignant ignorance that those who feed plant-based diets do? The fact is that if you are not feeding your cat live mice and insects, you have no place to judge a person who is trying to find a way to feed their cat in a more compassionate manner.

If anything, forcing a cat to eat meat is 100% detrimental to the health of the cows, chickens, ducks, sheep and fish that are killed in the factory farming industry. People like to remark that these substances are “by-products”, but the “by-product” business is a several billion dollar industry in the US alone. There IS a demand for these products, as several industries (pet food, chemical, cosmetics and others) would come to a standstill if the supply was suddenly cut off. In fact, you can buy futures for many different types of “by-product” on the commodities market. The truth is that this is big business, and purchasing these items adds to the bottom line of the slaughterhouse industry. It's really a matter of who's life you care more about--the cat you do see or the faceless animals you never have to see. The good news that plant based cat and dogs foods do exist. Dogs are easy. 99% of dogs will do just fine without animal products. In rare cases, cats won't take to it, but the protocol or transitioning a cat to a plant based diet is safe and well established. In the worst case scenario, you go back to standard foods, but at least you can say that you tried.

The meat-based diet that many have chosen is not markedly more "natural" than a properly supplemented, plant-based offering. Many cats have thrived on such a diet with the added precaution of monitoring of pH levels, as stated previously. I've been asking the question for years, and thus far, not one person has been able to explain how forcing countless animals to suffer and die in a slaughterhouse is a more humane solution than trying a healthy, properly supplemented plant-based diet for your cat. 

At the very least, I would encourage those with cats in their lives to study the options carefully. Don’t jump into an online discussion and shout “TAURINE”. This is not a simple, straightforward issue, but after learning all of the facts, the options become clear. Many vendors have been selling ready made, plant-based foods for cats for decades with great success.

But most importantly, don't just take it from me. Take it from these vegan veterinarians who really do know what they are talking about. Please go through links before commenting... 

Dr Armaita May: Vegan vet mostly talking about dogs but you can contact her through her website

Dr Andrew Knight: Vet referring to some studies conducted

Dr Andrew Knight further explains:

Dr Andrew Knight presentation: He refers the largest scale study conducted on Vegetarian Cats and another one on Dogs:

Bite size vegan has her say

Vegan Cat food info

FB Groups

Vegan Dog Nutrition


Vegan Cats and Dogs

Before anyone comments any further, please understand that a 2016 paper published in a peer reviewed medical journal has confirmed the fact that commercially produced, plant-based cat foods can not only provide domestic felines with adequate nutrition, but can actually provide health benefits when compared to standard meat-based cat foods. When you fight against the idea of plant-based diets for cats, you are fighting against science, not to mention against the poor animals who must meet a pitiful end with a bolt or a blade. Willful ignorance and misinformation has no place in this debate.


Kristiana Vegano Domesticated cats have a VERY high rate of renal failure .. this is with their so called obligate “ carnivore “ diet... now why would this be??? Because the typical pet shop kitty food is GARBAGEEEEE .. synthetic garbage ! So I dare anyone that feeds their cats a “ carnivore “ diet to judge me for feeding the stray cays in my hood a homemade vegan diet ðŸ˜‚ðŸ‘

Little Tyke was a Vegan Lioness by choice ...famous in the USA...ALL animals can become VEGAN it is all about nutrition needs to thrive !

Webpage created start date 12th Feb 2017. It doesn't matter what we think most people currently think or do...if we think we can do something good even if we think it small and makes a difference. As the fairy queen said to Frodo in the Lord of the Rings...even the smallest person in the world can make a difference. ONE makes a difference. of about 11 thousand killed land animals and 10 thousand marine animals totalling 22 THOUSAND ANIMALS BRED AND KILLED for 1 human flesh eater lifetime, just for FOOD ! Totally unnecessarily. Just to put a FIGURE to what 1 PERSON can achieve ! SUCCESS !

Every time we refuse to buy a dead animal product we affect the future avoidable deaths of those bred in the future. Vote with our Wallets and Demand Non Animal, Healthy, Natural Food as much as possible.

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