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International Vegan food, Indian Vegan Food, Far East Vegan Food, Chinese Vegan Food. Traditional Vegan Food.

Links to Recipes on Major Vegan Websites to add here. VIVA, GOVEGANWORLD, PETA etc etc organisations even Francione Abolitionist Vegan Recipes pages.

I am partial to...TRADITIONAL Olde Worlde Indian, Chinese and Far East Vegan delicious meals !

That said...Every Continent has Veganised or Olde Worlde Vegan Recipies to try and enjoy ! Spanish Vegan Food in particular is my favorite European Vegan food.

Vegan Diets Reading Food Suggestions

Firstly,  there are many ONLINE readable texts, webpages of the Vegan Society, PETA, GoVeganWorld, Animal Aid, Mercy for Animals etc of the Animal Rights and Welfare Organisations. (Vegan Organisations)

Secondly, there are Monthly Magazines for Recipes and Current Affairs. Subscriptions to Vegan Life, Vegan Food, Vegan Living etc available and readable hard copy or online digital versions. Links to subscriptions at bottom of this page.


Vegan Lifestyle Books, Vegan Food and Recipy Books, Vegan Story Books, Vegan General Issues Books, Vegan Novels about how people became Vegans.

Many of the Vegan Organisations have Vegan Food Cooking books and recipies. Printing the Online booklets and recipes means needing a printer of course.

Cheap Excellent Brief Explanation Information Vegan Books. Nutrition, World Hunger and Lifestyle.

Then the Very low cost 1gbp level cost books ! the EXCELLENT magazine with loads of explanations and nice to read articles for 4GBP from VIVA I find great...

64 page colourful magazine. OUT NOW!

Everywhere, people are asking questions about changing their diet – Everyone’s Going Vegan provides the answers.

Everyone’s Going Vegan is an epic NEW publication that will spearhead our vegan campaign to change Britain’s eating habits and change the world!

Everyone’s Going Vegan will be our outreach magazine for the next four years or so. If you want to send a copy to friends and family, we'll do it all for you! Just remember to include their shipping details at checkout.

P&P is included in the cover price of £4. Save £2 by ordering 3 copies for ONLY £10.

Contents include:

Meat is not the only reason for world hunger but it is high up in the major league. Find out who in the world is hungry, why countries are in debt, why factory farming is a disaster for the developing world and going vegetarian is a vital solution. Introduction by Jeremy Rifkin. 1 GBP 20 pages brochure. 12 page brief pamphlet. 1gbp

Why a plant-based diet is healthy and nutritious. Your questions about protein, iron and calcium answered here! Includes a vitamin chart and where to obtain all the nutrients you need on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Written by Juliet Gellately, Founder & Director, Viva! and Nutritional Therapist. Introduction by Audrey Eyton, author of the F Plan Diet and F2 Diet.

The  FREE VEGAN Lifestyle and COOKERY FOOD ONLINE READABLE RECIPES/BOOKS ! by INTERNATIONAL CUISINE recipes VERY comprehensive volume of recipe. mixed together not separated international mix of recipe. for recipes

38 recipes of BBC online.

130 Jamie Oliver Chef Vegan Recipes.

Veganuary Vegan Recipes International Sections seems extensive but not easy to find specifics not in categories much scrolling needed. Abolitionist recipes.

HOLY COW Vegan Recipes. A personal favorite of mine especially Sluts Pasta. Indian Far East American lady with huge range of recipes.

Meat Free for Under a Fiver ! booklet for a full week of International Vegan Meals ! Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, West African, American and English Shepherds pie etc

The best INTERNATIONAL for each day of the Week Recipy small booklet/pamphet from ANIMAL AID in pdf as well as pamphlet hard copy. Printable offscreen and orderable by post.

eve ryd


Main meals


Lunches and light bites


Avocado & tomato tower

Vegan Christmas

Spare the turkey this year and give yourself a real gourmet treat! These recipes are great for Christmas, birthdays, Sunday lunch or just a special treat. For more ideas for a cruelty-free Christmas download our FREE Compassionate Christmas guide.

Christmas Savoury Strudel

Going vegan is much easier than you think. To help you get started, order a FREE Go Vegan pack, which includes recipes, advice on nutrition, tips on shopping and much more.


Here are some vegan books with links to where purchasable. I recently found a SUPERB online location called Book Depository where one can buy books with free postage ! well not expensive postage nothing in life is free. Here are some of the books I have bought or ordered recently ! I add I did not buy any before I became vegan lol.  I had not researched them then.

The Book Depository. personally i have not read any of these. However that is a useful website for receipes etc.

The China Study is one definite excellent read however. This famed book details the “most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted” and highlights the connection between what we eat and today’s top killers: heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

12.99gbp free postage worldwide.

This book just arrived. I go read on the Doctor Blog online also. 6.92 GBP ! bargain price ! it has recepes in it and I see another book of more recipes anyway I got the blue book.

Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes : The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes Without Drugs

By (author) 
Until Dr. Barnard's scientific breakthrough, most health professionals believed that once you developed diabetes, you were stuck with it and could anticipate one complication after another, from worsening eyesight and nerve symptoms to heart and kidney problems. But as this groundbreaking work reveals, this simply is not true. In a series of studies the most recent funded by the National Institutes of Health Dr. Barnard has shown that it is possible to repair insulin function and reverse type 2 diabetes. By following the scientifically proven, life-changing program described in Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes, diabetics can control blood sugar three times more effectively than with the standard diet; and cut back on and in some cases eliminate medications while reducing the risk of diabetes complications. "The long overdue epic scientific breakthrough in diabetes is here an obvious must-read for health professionals and for diabetic and potential diabetic patients." Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD, preventive cardiology consultant, Cleveland Clinic "This is the approach to follow the clinically proven way to get your blood sugar under control and start living again." John McDougall, MD, founder and medical director of the McDougall program "Dr. Barnard's book is no exaggeration The signs and symptoms of diabetes can be reversed, and he's got the evidence to prove it." Jennie Brand-Miller, PhD, author of The New Glucose Revolution "
The Vegan Bible. Cookery book. The demand for vegan cookbooks is growing a pace as more and more people stop eating animal products for ethical or health reasons Vegan Bible containing more than 500 recipes and fully illustrated with pictures on every spread is the most comprehensive vegan cookbook on the market. Published in 2014 in French, it has become the No 1 best-selling vegan cookbook in France ever. From this exhaustive work you will discover the richness and the diversity of vegan gastronomy and how cooking can still be truly creative even without eggs, meat, fish or dairy products. Learn how to make your own vegan cheeses, how to cook astonishing egg-free, dairy-free desserts, and how to prepare 100% vegan versions of some of the great classic dishes. As well as recipes for breakfasts, lunches, suppers and baby foods there are recipes for every occasion: birthdays, brunches, picnics, barbecues, and family get togethers.More than just a collection of recipes the book provides illustrated step-by-step information on the key ingredients of the vegan diet: nuts, flax seeds, chickpeas, avocado and there is a chapter outlining the essentials for vegan nutritional balance: where to find protein, calcium, vitamin B12, mistakes to avoid, and emphasises necessary know-how to be acquired such as making cheese, creams or vegan milks. This inventive, inspirational book is destined to be the only vegan cookbook you will ever need. 17 GBP

Vegan Pizza : 50 Cheesy, Crispy, Healthy Recipes

By (author) 
Love a warm, crisp, chewy thin crust pizza with creamy, melty cheese? Just because you're vegan doesn't mean that you can't bake amazing pizzas right in your own oven. Julie Hasson offers 50 deliciously innovative recipes and simple techniques that will have you making artisan-style, thin crust vegan pizzas right in your own kitchen. Vegan Pizzais filled with 50 modern recipes from easy to make pizza dough (including spelt, whole wheat and gluten-free crusts), creamy dairy-free cheese sauces, vibrant flavoured pestos and spreads, meatless and wheat-less burger crumbles, and inventive toppings. With helpful information and tips on equipment and techniques, Vegan Pizza shares the secrets to fabulous, easy-to-make; dairy-free, meat-free thin crust artisan pizza that tastes like it came from your neighbourhood pizzeria. Now home cooks everywhere can get baking, and make fabulous vegan pizzas in their own kitchens.  9.98 GBP
No supermarket in the UK currently as at Feb 2017 does ready made VEGAN PIZZA ! amazing hey !
This Spanish Vegan Cuisine book I am very looking forward to having tasted the DELIGHTS of Spanish Vegan Omelet and Sandwiche of La Buenaventura !Vegan Spanish Cooking Book !
You might already make gazpacho and vegetable paella, but there's way more to Spanish food than that! Spain's celebration of vegetables makes it a perfect cuisine to adapt to the vegan lifestyle. Soups, sauces, taps, and complete dinners are included in this book full of vegan Spanish recipes. Plus: bonus information about Spanish food culture and ingredients. From Madrid to Barcelona, Granada to the Canary Islands, and everywhere in between, "Vegan Spanish Cooking" shows you delicious vegan preparations of Spain's revered gastronomic staples.  5.99GBP
VIVA shop cookbook by bought SIGNED by AUTHOR at the London Alexandra Palace Vegan Event in January 2017 ! New off the presses ! 9.99gbp plus postage. from VIVA unavailable currently from Book Depository website.

The definitive, wonderful, vegan crème de la crème of recipe books! This is no ordinary collection of animal-free recipes, for a start there’s sections devoted to kid-friendly recipes; entertaining non-vegetarian friends; eating solo and how to freeze your food to save time and money. Boasting 145 recipes with accompanying full colour photos, tuck into Sautéed Squash with Olive Tapenade & Cannellini Beans, Luscious Two Pear Salad with Balsamic Dressing or our Viva!bocker Glory. Still hungry? Try Viva!’s Very Moorish Moroccan Stew, Quesadillas with Guacamole & Lime Sour Cream Dip and for a stunning show-stopper, our Big Puff Pie – bursting with mixed mushrooms and topped with a crown of puff pastry.

Visit our VCB microsite for even more recipes and fun stuff!

Rave Reviews

"It's like the proverbial breath of fresh air. It has really helped us. Provided much needed inspiration and encouragement. Every recipe has turned out well. The book is a delight to use - so cheerful, positive and affirming! So much info, excellent indexes, lovely boxes at the foot of each recipe suggesting what goes with.....

ESTHER THE WONDERPIG BOOK ! not a cooking book lol... NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERAMAZON BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR SO FAR In the summer of 2012, Steve Jenkins was contacted by an old friend about adopting a micro piglet. Though he knew his partner Derek wouldn't be enthusiastic, he agreed to take the adorable little pig anyway, thinking he could care for her himself. Little did he know, that decision would change his and Derek's lives forever. It turned out there was nothing "micro" about Esther, and Steve and Derek had actually signed on to raise a full-sized commercial pig. Within three years, Tiny Esther grew to a whopping 600 pounds. After some real growing pains and a lot of pig-sized messes, it became clear that Esther needed much more space, so Steve and Derek made another life-changing decision: they bought a farm and opened the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary, where they could care for Esther and other animals in need. Funny, heartwarming, and utterly charming, ESTHER THE WONDER PIG follows Steve and Derek's adventure--from reluctant pig parents to farm-owning advocates for animals. 11.43 GBP paperback

The China Study Cook Books. Written by daughter of The China Study Medical report Book.

Following the plant-based nutrition regimen presented in The China Study is now easier than ever before. When it comes to meal planning, do you find yourself deciding between healthy foods and quick options? Do you stare at the contents of your fridge, wondering what you can easily throw together? Even on a busy schedule, your meals can be simple, healthy, and delicious! You shouldn't have to sacrifice health or taste for efficiency in the kitchen. Nobody knows this better than Chef Del Sroufe, author of the New York Times bestseller Forks Over Knives--The Cookbook and Better Than Vegan. In The China Study Quick & Easy Cookbook, Sroufe provides menu plans, pantry lists, and more than 100 delicious plant-based recipes that are quick, easy, and multipurpose. Edited by LeAnne Campbell, author of The China Study Cookbook, this book guides you to spend a couple of hours one day a week preparing meals ahead of time. Every dish follows the nutrition standards set forth by The China Study, ensuring optimal healthful and quality eating with whole food recipes such as: Fruit and Vegetable Curry * Mushrooms Barbacoa * Cauliflower Parmesan * Sweet Potato Pie Muffins * Banana-Coconut Macaroons With a foreword by The China Study coauthor Thomas Campbell, The China Study Quick & Easy Cookbook is the next step in transforming your kitchen, your time, and your life. 12.78 gbp

Eat Vegan on $4.00 A Day : A Game Plan for the Budget Conscious Cook

Not only can a plant-based diet be good for health, it can also be easy on the pocketbook. Learn how to forgo expensive processed foods and enjoy flavorful meals based on delicious, high quality basic ingredients. Author Ellen Jaffe Jones has scoured the shelves of popular supermarkets and big-box stores and calculated exactly how much it costs to eat healthfully and deliciously. One week's worth of menus shows how these recipes can be combined to get a per-serving cost of $4 a day, less than an average meal at a fast food outlet. Readers find out how to adapt their favorite recipes, cook with beans and grains, and use bulk buying to get big savings. . 13.00 GBP

I recommend the Book Depository for Low Cost no postage costs buying of books online. There are over 1000 Vegan Food books in their Vegan Food Database ! They deliver worldwide.

Vegan Magazines cheaper if regular subscriptions. Often in Supermarkets in UK like Sainsburys, Tescos etc. Vegan Food & Living is the fastest growing UK magazine celebrating the delicious approach to ethical eating. Every issue features at least 75 delicious recipes, plus ingredient focuses, expert guides to nutrition, important ethical issues, the latest news and exclusive competitions, plus how to take your culinary skills to the next level. 45gbp for 12 issues 1 year subscription.

Vegan Living Magazine also a UK Vegan Magazine. 33gbp for 12 issues a year.

COOK VEGAN MAGAZINE. 5 issues per year.

Vegan Books

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One to tickle the fancy started.. Living Role model .Body Builder Personal Trainer Hin Chun Chui

Those are the NICE pages, then there are THE DARK SIDE PAGES. Links to show the hidden truths and realities.

The Dark Side. Meet your Meat, Fish, Milk and Egg realities.

Webpage created 12th Feb 2017. It doesnt matter what we think most people currently think or do...if we think we can do something good even if we think it small and makes a difference. As the fairy queen said to Frodo in the Lord of the Rings...even the smallest person in the world can make a difference. ONE makes a difference. of about 11 thousand killed animals in 1 human lifetime for food alone ! Totally unnecessarily. Just to put a FIGURE to what 1 PERSON can achieve ! SUCCESS !

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