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Vegan Tshirts / Teeshirts,  Vegan Sweatshirts and Vegan Hoodies. My findings 2017.

After buying and wearing regularly as standard various Vegan Tshirts…I wanted to have ones with more 1 liner messages and more real life animal pictures Back and Front…I love many of the front pictures of tshirts but there are few with pictures on both back and front…so here is what I did on Vistaprint online using THEIR images as low resolution standard internet pictures are not good enough for printing media…100 dpi is far too low to not get a blurred image.

Vegan Sweatshirts I found best at Wear Your Voice link below. Hoodies are not many to be found either but links below provided. I do regret the pictures and messages not being on the BACKS of sweatshirts and hoodies similar to many tshirts…but understand costs of printing constraints could make the products too expensive so something is better than nothing principle ! Full Frontals ok !

of COURSE I could not put this on a tshirt...picture resolution too low and goodness knows what other possible "legal" issues of use of the image with Gary Francione being a legal expert best avoided wink wink ! 

ooh  VEGAN TOTE BAGS I like just seen 5th oct 2017...I forgot  VEGAN TOTE BAGS I have VIVA PIG ones myself but this looks nice too ! https://www.facebook.com/myuniquecompany/videos/385775705174412/




What I DID manage once I realised other pictures were too low resolution for printing...was use VISTAPRINT online image library of a few animals...I missed out a FISH and a DOG unfortunately...prints front and back ordered...fingers crossed hoping they come out good on the tshirt !

The following were images that were nice but too low resolution for a tshirt print…lovely pictures I thought for a tshirt…adding a 1 line message possibility...and word VEGAN at the top...

This meme I also couldn’t have on a tshirt too low resolution…

This was the Sandra Higgins of GoVeganWorld picture I would have liked on a tshirt…

Vegan Hoodies are few to be found…this one I liked…I don’t eat my friends…vegan hoodie.


Animal Liberation Vegan Hoodie I like…Animal Liberation Now Hoodie.


Oh this is me in VIVA Vegan Love Tshirt lol ! link to them here...https://www.vivashop.org.uk/limited-edition-tshirts

Friends not Food vegan tshirt of Wear your Voice. They have many lovely designs and vegan sweatshirts in the same designs in their drop down menus.


ebay Why love one but eat the others Vegan Tshirt


This Friends not Food Tshirt found somewhere on the web not sure where....but I like it....

VIVA special edition vegan tshirts


The Vegan Society Tshirts Running Vest and vegan hoodie.


Vegan Society Hoodies


PETA Vegan Tshirts and Vegan Sweatshirts and Vegan Hoodies. Almond Milk Saves Lives sweatshirt particularly liked lol ! 


Animal Aid Vegan Tshirts No pig squeels in my meals and an Animal Aid bonnet cap/hat



World Peace and a Vegan Boyfriend ! Vegan Tshirt lol !


Nothing Humane ever happens in a slaughter house. Vegan Tshirt. James Aspey. Animals are not Property Vegan Tshirt. James Aspey. Damm it feels good to be a Vegan. Tshirt. James Aspey.

Liverpool Pigsave Tshirt…Manchester. Toronto etc do them too…unsure where to buy except at Vegan fairs..

THIS Cockrel would make a super tshirt !

Me in VIVA tshirt  Vegan Tshirt in the supermarkets when shopping. How to be in people's faces and minds without actually having to make them look and see.

Me in Vegan Organic Farming Vegan Tshirt in the supermarkets when shopping. How to be in people's faces and minds without actually having to make them look and see.

Webpage created start date 12th Feb 2017. It doesn't matter what we think most people currently think or do...if we think we can do something good even if we think it small and insignificant...it makes a difference. As the fairy queen said to Frodo in the Lord of the Rings...even the smallest person in the world can make a difference. ONE makes a difference. of about 11 thousand killed land animals and 10 thousand marine animals totalling 22 THOUSAND ANIMALS BRED AND KILLED for 1 human flesh eater lifetime, just for FOOD ! Totally unnecessarily. Just to put a FIGURE to what 1 PERSON can achieve ! SUCCESS !

Every time we refuse to buy a dead animal product we affect the future avoidable deaths of those bred in the future. Vote with our Wallets and Demand Non Animal, Healthy, Natural Food as much as possible.

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