My story. How I went Vegan. The whys also which changed along the journey. Written and put on web 1st March 2017 Ash Wednesday. PDF version of My story how i became vegan.docx

Before I forget the details even more…we all are not so good at remembering details that maybe mattered in our lives and affected us.

Valentines Day kick off of Breaking News in the Vegan Movement Journey ! ORGANIC FOOD SALES ARE ROCKETING and McDonalds fast junk cruelty food giant is closing hundreds of major stores including Oxford Street London ! 17th Feb 2017 news of Biggest butcher's chain in North Wales Closing down ! Meat Sales Trend accelerating Downwards !

On this Valentine's Day, please remember that all animals have the capacity to love! Every day can be Valentines day for Animals and Love !

Now that video I think I watched for the 1st time about 6 months ago...and it was confirmation for me that living  VEGAN was the right thing to have done. My only regret is not having done it years ago. It was for me a superb speech / talk that summarised and said things that I had not actually thought through so well myself. It is an Educational and inspiring talk/speech on Veganism for sure I think he explains the matter fully so well. Instead of months years of fumbling through to the conclusions.

The page of the Day I met James Aspey at the Manchester Pig Save Shrove Tuesday 28th February 2017

My story. How I went Vegan. The whys also which changed along the journey. Written and put on web 1st March 2017 Ash Wednesday.

Before I forget the details even more…we all are not so good at remembering details that maybe mattered in our lives and affected us. We are naturally selective about what parts we tell and how of anything we tell stories about.

Female. Living in the Developed World. Europe. Brought up in Northern and Southern Europe mostly. Never been to Far East or Down Under or North Pole or South Pole or China. Some time spent in Middle East and USA months not years not residential ever just in passing tourist type visits.

Born 1958 England Northern Europe. Baby boom generation product. Now writing this account 2017 after being Vegan a few years not an overnight transition but over maybe the last 10 years more plant based majority lifestyle for diet and other lifestyle choices way of living. My 2 dogs now aged 5 and 6 are both vegans. Became full 100 percent vegans before me for their health reasons in fact. Then I  went totally vegan.

Favorite types of food since childhood...Vegetable Soups, Far East Cuisine, spiced tastes Thai Chinese Vietnamese Indian Vegetable based with Spices herbs my favorite dishes. Curies in particular I enjoy the taste of. Spanish potato tortillas are my favorite European Dish.

Was a keen seafood prawns as animals ingredients pre vegan days. Also great cheese and milk creams generally dairy consumer. Blue cheeses were the one taste I missed the most when I went plant based/vegan more and more over the years until that was the last thing I gave up even on hunger nothing else to eat so buy that moments in the final vegan stage of total abstinence deliberately of any animal food products. Eggs were the other last to be given up animal food item. Sandwiches again in passing en route reasons due to no standard vegan sandwiches etc in shops still period,

I have "owned" on occasion for some periods of time my own chickens and ducks and goats cows and found it difficult to then eat those animals that I associated not at first as seen as "just meat on my plate" items as food. I have also participated in the killing also of animals. Directly. Mostly rabbits and chickens. Home raised animals. Pigs I have seen killed also in such circumstances. All struggled to avoid death. All suffered pain as they died and even during their not really pleasant conditions lives in enclosures. All were prisoners. All were victims. All begged to live and none would have killed me or any human. They were all herbivores and defenseless innocent living creatures who did not deserve to die.

Here goes. Without planning.

I think I had times many times in my life of thinking…it is wrong and a shame that animals need to die for my food etc.

I however bought leather shoes furniture etc and thought the stamp LEATHER had a cache to it and felt good more than other cheaper products. It was a fashion image thing greatly.

Eating meat and 2 veg was also a tradition just standard normal thing to do to my mind also.

Having a fancy meat central piece to talk about on plates was just part of normal life…the ANIMAL it was wasn’t in the mind generally at all…it was just something one called MEAT…or PORK not PIG and BEEF not COW or CALF. NO thought about the live animal went into my mind or thoughts as I would mention buying or eating those animal dead bodies on my plate or on menus of restaurants etc.

I did realise…the main TASTE of any meal with dead animals included in it was down to the SAUCES and HERBS AND SPICES and vegetables around them…alone…the meat dead animal did NOT have a TASTE even not tasty taste to me in fact…except for SALTY pork scratchings or bacon…the SALTINESS and fattiness taste DID have taste without herbs and sauces or spices in that case…but chicken beef turkey yuk not really enjoyed by me …most dead flesh pieces I did not find tasty at all only a TEXTURE to chew on or feel texture of in my mouth …plastered with the tastes provided by the spices herbs and sauces ! In recent years also I complained that even the taste and texture of so called FARM CHICKENS in France were chewey shit tasteless gunge...had changed over the years bigtime. I thought what is going on in the food world ? the food is less and less tasty ! changed in texture. A paella without any meat was more tasty than one with animals in it I started to complain more and more about.

And as for FISH…I could not BEAR the taste of those…those felt more to me like the real live animal than any other dead animal on my plate…and I disliked that aspect greatly.

The way fish die by suffocation in effect, except it is suffocation due to lack of water not air in their case, that actually bothered me emotionally more than other animals as looking at a fish with eyes dead and having thrashed around before dying if fished was something I like most people was more aware of as a way of death than most other animals.

I shut my mind to animal deaths for my food and clothing furnishings in fact. Busy with other matters in life I just shopped at supermarkets ate in restaurants what was standard on offer and didn’t think about it.

It was what people did. Had always done. Killed animals for food and leather goods. We all cooed over nice leather goods their quality and tactile qualities. Not thinking of the live animal that died at all. It was as if leather was something made in a factory it  didn’t involve thinking of a live animal that had to die for it. IT was a PRODUCT just like MEAT on our plates we ate.

When I had time to reflect on things in our world in more detail…and I admit it didn’t start with cruelty to animals…it started about economics and the state of our planet…litter…bankruptcy of western nations national debts…the pensions deficit…ageing western population demographic trends…the refugee massive crisis … the growing xenophobia in the Western World …rise of far right parties everywhere in Europe first then the UK followed copying that trend resulting in Brexit…all that kind of thing…but…then a few issues with my FOOD made me start to question what was going on with FOOD since some decades…and that led to vegan issues of cruelty…

Now first I admit it was the general interest in knowing…WHERE IS  ALL OUR FOOD GROWN…what is it ? GMO all of it now ? I like most people had read or seen in shops disctinctions about ORGANIC and GMO foods...and thought oh well GMO is human engineered so people are objecting to anything new stuff...eyebrows raised at the idea of animal genes in strawberries to stop them freezing or somethings like that...anyway...then seeing Organic food was slightly more expensive and more NATURAL shaped looks that GMO standard foods...and thinking well seems more NATURAL less chemicals so must be better for health logically...I bought organic actually in preference to non organic ...and also was annoyed to realise years ago from even Boots the Chemist explanatory scientific leaflets in the mutivitamin supplments I bought ...that vitamin content in a tomato even HALF LESS than 40 years ago !!  that was something I had been aware of for about 20 years and concerned enough to take multivits often …I did realise…the nutritional content of my food had DEGENERATED bigtime in the past few decades…AND THE TASTE ! now I did think…is it SMOKING or AGE that means my TASTE has degenerated ? but I suspected…it was the FOOD ITSELF that had degenerated. THEN came the MEAT scandals...cockups...the MAD COW disease the PIG SWINE viruses the POULTRY BIRD viruses...SHEEP...all sorts of outbreaks of CANIBALISM caused even animal product food scandals...and then ultimately the beef being horsemeat labelling cockup lie revealed and the HUGE scale involvement of massive big companies involved in that...THEN came realisations of Racehorses and Greyhounds being killed off after short life uses ! I realised...of COURSE all those ex racing or riding school horses and dogs were all PUT DOWN and ended up in dog or catfoods ! or just rubbish dumps ! or skins used for sofas etc ! the streets etc would be over run with grehounds and retired off racehorses if not killed off early ! of course ! wow we just dont think about such things until we are told some horrific truths like that ! so...back to FOOD. In the Economist magazine a few years ago I read an article stating 70 percent of sea life had gone worldwide ! fishing and pollution caused ! ouff I was in bed late at night reading this factual truth and I thought ...shit...there is no return now unless we stop eating fish fore sure...we are destroying ALL natural wildlife on the planet...we will be keeping animals to breed in cages pumped full of shit at this rate fish farms full of chemicals ! eeeek ! we are destroying the planet I thought in horror at this news about marine life gone bigtime in my decades of lifetime ! this isnt a meteor killing the dinosaurs this is US destroying our world eeek ! shit ! horror ! Then I discovered it isnt just these high profile easy hype for public sympathy Cecil the lion and elephants that have reduced to only a few left numbers...HEDGEHOGS and TURTLE DOVES have reduced also by 70 percent in the same period of a few decades of my lifetime !!! eeeeek ! i am the generation of the most destruction to the planet and life on earth I realised ! something is horribly wrong with my lifestyle...our lifestyles ! we have been living wrongly too consumerist to the highest consumption of resources and animals in history levels by humanity....eeeek....

And much much reading online etc and paying more attention to food scandals and consumer information in the later years of my life…led to discoveries of appalling truths…about my our food…and the horrors of MASSIVE over consumption of animal based foods that were causing our obesity and ill health as the new modern health diseases of our modern rich society greed had resulted in.

And at LAST…the HORROR of the KILLING of ANIMALS that were unnecessary to my health and needs to live. One has to see a video of animals going to be killed and killed even many videos to really make the connection. One has to see videos of the prisons most animals are confined to most of their lives. It really has to be pointed out to us that cows stood in caged areas all day every day for several years only machines pumped empty 3 times a day is a horror and not a decent thing to do to any animal. Until we are forced to see and think differently indifference as a norm is easy to be the over riding attitude. We have to be TOLD that it is perfectly healthy to not kill animals for our food or kill them for our clothes etc. We have to be told as we have grown used to the HABIT of being the most arrogant user of other animals on the planet due to our perceived superior intelligence and obvious use easily of POWER. We humans do NOT GIVE UP POWER easily or by usually has to be TAKEN AWAY from us forcibly. In the whole of power has ever been given up without a fight and strong mental and physical resistance to losing it. Consumers....can use the POWER OF OUR WALLETS to make changes to our world. We can break the abuse of all those poor animals by refusing to pay for their murders by not buying the goods their bodies make. THEN the law makers will make laws to protect animals. Only then will laws come into existance to say...THOU SHALT NOT KILL. Thou shalt not OWN or USE other animals. Only then. When those that speak for those without voices speak and act for the weak verbally handicaped discriminated abused and murdered without good reasons animals, will justice for them at last arrive. 

There is NOTHING NATURAL to think WE ARE LIONS making killing NATURAL...there is NOTHING natural about the way we breed in cages Frankenstein freak breeds of suffering chickens cows every farmed animal today…they are freaks of nature the poor animals. Chickens hearts legs are in pain for the 6 weeks lives only they have before they are adult size enough to KILL to put on our plates and supermarket shelves. HORRIFIED to only realise that chickens on supermarket shelves were NOT even 1 YEAR OLD but 6 WEEKS OLD…to me..the SHOCK of THAT SINGLE TRUTH REVELATION was a MASSIVE shock to my mind. I really had not thought this was how my food was produced…from 6 week old animals that looked like adults ! We are NOT LIONS ! we are like APES ! we can get our nutrition for healthy living from plant sources ! so to compare ourselves to LIONS is absurd as an argument non vegans often use to justify the unjustifiable. We do not live outside houses we drive cars watch tv buy at tescos...all non lion activities. Honestly. I really find this COGNITIVE DISSONANCE mental problem humans have ludicrous often. We will say black is white or white is black and convince ourselves of things like that we want to believe. Not just about eating animals lol hey !

And I didn’t NEED to go look up scientific stuff with long scientific names etc to think and realise…THIS IS SO UNNATURAL THOSE ANIMALS OF COURSE ARE FULL OF SHIT ! they CANT be healthy for ME to eat and of COURSE they must SUFFER IN their bodies and minds if they grow so fast to that size when I KNOW like any reasonable person an animal doesn’t each ADULT SIZE for about 1 year ! not a dog…not a cat…not a chicken…we are not so distanced from natural things like how long to be adult size to not realise that !

My first natural I think selfish reaction was..I AM EATING UNHEALTHY SHIT ! and I panicked ! meat…fish…even the vegetables and fruit we eat today…are FULL OF SHIT ! 35 chemicals on and in an average apple ! but the ANIMALS ! eat GMO chemical pesticides treated unnatural GRASS that signs are up when sprayed about DON’T LET DOGS WALK on it for a few days…and that shit goes INTO THE FOOD SYSTEM into MY OUR BODIES ! eeeeeek ! Fish are full of mercury and plastics nowadays ! we are eating poisons if we eat fish from the sea ! eeek ! grass fed to cattle etc is plastered with pesticides passes through into us ultimately ! eeeek !

Then came the EEEK how HORRIBLE for those animals to live suffering and die in those ENORMOUS NUMBERS ! 20 MILLION PER DAY die in the uk ! we are a gluttonous cruel idiotic ignorant people !

I HAVE BEEN IGNORANT GLUTONOUS and the CAUSE OF DEATHS and CRUELTY to thousands of animals for NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON except for…HABIT ! TASTE ! I  cant THINK of the other 2 reasons that James Aspey mentions in his video …but THOSE 2 I DO REALISE are MY excuses for WHY ! HABIT ! being the MOST influence on me…I just did what everyone else did and thought it necessary ! Convenience and just copying what other people around me did as a norm as I found staying IGNORANT of the NO NEED TO KILL ANIMALS TO LIVE HEALTHILY was CONVENIENT to me of course ! I never learned to cook !

WHEN did I go vegan then and why specifically ?

My DOGS went fully Vegan first …part of the reason I started questioning animal based food or food generally was…my pedigree dog got stomach ulcers…and her breed and family have high risk stomach cancer. THEN I read the details of standard dog food content...I read to my surprise...MEAT was only  20 percent on average of a dry kibble dogfood ! Royal Canin of course the best brand...was only 20 percent meat ! so ? it dawned on dogs are VEGETARIANS practically already on standard dog food lol ! so why not go the whole hog...when I heard the wolves in a reserve in the mountains were fed the same vegetarian plant based dogfood and thrived...I thought hey is about NUTRITIONAL CONTENT not dead animals or plants for dogs needs...they are eating mostly PLANTS anyway in their dogfood...and the bit that is causing the stomach ulcers and cancers is the DEAD ANIMALS FLESH MEAT part ! so ELIMINATE the meat ! to save my dogs ulcers and stomach cancers they are prone to..and it seems to date now a few years on to have signs of stomach ulcer irritations in my bitch at all for the past few years now. My dogs were hyper active as ever on plant based dogfood ! and I then  read loads of dogs were healthier on plant based dogfoods ! that ended any dogs are high energy dogs...if they showed their energy was high level on plants and shiney coats etc and no ulcers...stuff all that crap poisonous dead animals flesh ! no animals need to die for my dogs to live well and healthier also. ME TOO then hey ! Cut the CRAP out totally for me too came next decision lol...and more reading for my needs...the vitamin b12 and then tv scares about vitamin D general population everywhere deficiencies...well those are sorted with simple supplements...I mean for decades we have all not had enough vitamin D we now learn...yawn yawn...usual bullshite hidden for years. 'Go to work on an egg' bullshit myths also destroyed by saying well actually men are getting more PROSTATE CANCERS due to eating too many be funny if not tragic actually ! Women get osterperosis in bones due to drinking cows milk which is unnatural and loads of allergies ovarian cancers etc etc down to excess animal products consumption...uh oh hey...all that HYPE turned out to be just hype to line pockets of businesses by subsidies of tax papers to boot as an insult to our intelligence ! Now the DIRE state of health of pedigree dogs and farm domestic human designed breeds of animals is a disgrace.

That is due to inbreeding and human selection of breeding animals of course. The usual reasons. Humans think they know best about how animals should be bred. Well it isn’t just the freak chickens pigs and cows that humans have created as totally unnatural breeds of animals that NATURE would never have produced…never did…until HUMANS selected extreme individual freaks to reproduce a look and type of animal that suited what HUMANS wanted to have.

In doing so…humans created short legged dogs that were not able to run like normal dog ancestors…so that humans could keep up with them…dogs with squashed faces to be clown looking and CUTE to a human idea of a funny face …which now bulldogs and pugs etc brachael breeds have huge problems breathing normally    or as nature intended…airlines even ban them due to the high risk of them dying from the poor air passage of their squashed faces effects on them. And in the case of my dogs Belgian Shepherds they as many breeds have special problems with high 25 percent epilepsy and stomach cancers breed SPECIALS. That mongrel natural choice of breeding mates by animals would have not caused of course. But lets not pretend our pet dogs and cats are NATURAL in any real sense. They would not exist in the wild…the Wolves are extinct except for a FEW of them certainly not the 8 million pet dogs in the uk alone or elsewhere as PETS around that exist…and the Scottish Wildcat the same…extinct…the pet cats we have are just our pet production animals. Most pedigree high quality cats are short lived compared to ancestors and certainly not able to live in the UK in the wild safely they would eat only out of rubbish bins in reality and be a nuisance like rats or loose dogs on roads causing road accidents. So they only exist due to human wishes to have playthings. Freaks.

The breeds of chickens eaten etc by humans or who lay eggs are totally unnatural breeds. In the wild ancestors of modern chicken type breeds did NOT lay eggs every day. Humans again selectively bred freaks of nature to get to what aweful Frankenstein freaks of animal breeds humans call domesticated animals today.

Cows ancestors did NOT produce the HUGE quantity of milk a modern unnatural breed of domesticated cow does by also breeding for freaks today adding the chemicals pumped into them. The meat purpose of cows also has produced human engineered freaks of nature just like in domestic pigs. It is a horror story reality what we have done to what was a natural animal world and species. These poor suffering born to die for unnecessary human greed animals are a disgrace to the human race. They should not be born. They should not be born to be killed either.

I did not realise…due to it NEVER being mentioned in any conversation in my life about cows pigs goats …that none of these produce MILK if they are not MADE pregnant every year by humans forcibly artificially in fact…nothing natural about it…and their babies killed at once to steal all the pumped extra out of them milk.

I did not realise…male baby cows and chicks were killed at ONCE and ground up alive as not egg layers if male chicks.

I did not realise…all the animals that end up on plates are actually only days or weeks or a few months old like lambs …sounds daft…but I cooed about baby lambs on pictures and in fields…and did not make the connection of they will be KILLED in a few weeks time.

Ignorance is convenient. And when sat down to have a hungry lunch or dinner we don’t want to think about anything unpleasant like the LIVING ANIMAL on our plate feelings. It is just a taste to enjoy at that moment. That becomes an easy habit. And habit of TASTE means we will feel upset and want to resist anything that suggests we should give that taste and satisfying of our hunger and wishes needs up.

And do we think…selfishly of course…but naturally…I WILL ONLY HAVE  PEANUTS TO EAT NON STOP to survive…how BORING. Instead of learning that actually food IS DELICIOUS and tasty from plants herbs spices sauces nuts fruits vegetables…we just need to try them.

The only problem is the readily available vegan food in places we frequent as a norm of course.

Cooking at home vegan food is the easy bit. The hard bit is driving or going somewhere where no vegan sandwiches are on sale yet as a norm…or vegan menu options in canteens restaurants.

And of course eating at family and / or friends who cater for the HABIT of meat and 2 veg meals and are using cows or goats milk milks etc. for anything they make or put on the table on offer to share.

I had problems with that…egg sandwiches or cheese sandwiches were in the early days of turning vegan sometimes bought and eaten I admit. I was hungry…hadn’t made any food to carry with me for myself …and I wanted to eat something.

I did justify these times with …well it isn’t FLESH of the animal it is only EGGS and milk products from the animals…not directly killing of an animal. However eventually I had to admit…those products DO involve the death of baby calves and male chicks and eventually the mother producing that milk product and her life is shit…unnatural…so it is all cruelty produce.

AND those products are HIGHLY  UNHEALTHY FOR ME…now when you are hungry and just want to eat…you do not think too hard about THIS IS UNHEALTHY FOR ME or CRUEL TO SOMEONE ELSE. I don’t think I am so different to other people for that hey ! you feel hungry ? have a long drive to do…things that need ENERGY to do ? you want to EAT something…and so …if egg or cheese sandwiches are the only things on offer in a petrol station or shop passing by…you buy them and eat them.

You would buy human flesh sandwiches even. Just like we would kill each other and eat each other if on a desert island lol scenario people like to bring up when talking about not being vegan reasons.

Of COURSE we would kill and eat each other if on a desert island and nothing else to eat around lol ! but we are NOT in that scenario.

All we can say is we succumb to the temptations of TASTE and HUNGER if there is no alternative around that is tasty ! as in the egg and cheese sandwich example given !

Sometimes…not always…and not forever. It does take some planning when being vegan. It means having peanuts or vegan food pizza snacks with you as a norm when you go out and about. It does mean taking vegan snack foods with you to not have to buy an egg or cheese sandwich when not at home.

I regret the most that no vegan pizzas are available still in uk supermarkets. Everyone eats pizzas as fast food or just normal food regularly. It is a filling tasty type of food to eat. It is surprising and disappointing that these are still in 2017 beginning of not yet available in uk supermarkets. Maybe requesting these and more vegan foods would  help.

I went VEGAN by myself mostly meaning I did not talk or join vegan groups etc before I went vegan for food and other things.

Why is because I was very alone mostly.  Not in social company much with anyone generally. I did my research for my dogs and changed their diets then mine without doing more than research on the internet nutritional information…and watching some horror movie films of the realities of modern animal farming. Learning at last when the penny dropped from a farmer in fact that cows do not produce milk without having a baby…a fact that the farmer eventually told me due to me being difficult and obviously making statements that showed I did not understand this…was a huge shock to me. I realised I had never been told this by anyone like Cadburys etc who did school visits promoting the Cadbury cream eggs and chocolates etc ! nor even farmers with cows …they never ever spoke about how they made the cows pregnant to get the babies and separated them and sent them to be killed at once every year ! that was never ever mentioned ! so I just didn’t realise.

Then about 2 years ago I learned of the word VEGAN on the internet…ok ok how come not seen before ? well maybe seen in passing but not paid any attention …vegetarian was a word I knew and just didn’t pay much attention to either for years never saw it much only knew in passing a few people who said they were that…and no discussion had with them at the time I admit.

I thought oh vegetarians were sick weak people in my mind dangerous diet…but gave it no more thought than that. Maybe like everyone they took supplements I thought. Well I certainly did for many periods of my life…I did realise food had lost nutritional value so I was happy to take supplement vitamins etc even though in reality I was over eating as most of us now we realise do. It isn’t LACK of protein but EXCESS of protein lol that we have to face as the norm today…vegan or non vegan !

So then I looked more online about this VEGAN issue…and watched some videos …James Aspey one discovered was excellent I thought…he made sense. Common sense and personal experience. He didn’t exaggerate…I watched another video by a Gary Yousorvsky or name like that…heh was a good speaker too…that is a talent for sure…to hold attention of people watching speeches. We have all stuggled to stay awake in workplace etc speeches…had our minds wander off lol.  The yosorvsky video I read was liked by many vegans…he is passionate about veganism…reasons for it…but personally I was a bit alarmed at his more extreme claims of like some book title also out there not to die…for SURE I do believe from all that I have read of expert nutritionists that a VEGAN diet is the healthiest diet…but I don’t believe it stops all of us ever being ill or getting cancers…but reduces the risk massively. Eat too much of anything and you risk becoming allergic lol is what I think. And some foods affect people differently. And genetics environment have a role to play. And also we have eaten bad food for decades so we cant be sure just changing will make all the difference …I haven’t been vegan all my life not even most of it ! But I do feel better mentally and physically for it  yes. And having read and researched the expert nutritionists do agree it is a far far healthier diet than an unhealthy fats sugars and salts animal based diet. The World Health Organisation has stated clearly…most animal product foods like meat are carcongenic…high risk cancers. Pollution in the air and water in our world is also affecting ALL of us be it asthma or just air pollution and water pollution from excrements of animal products generally.

The REASONS for me being VEGAN are therefore not just one. It isn’t about CONVENIENCE for sure…or HABIT…because veganism IS however much more trendy and acceptable now…the supermarket staff are helpful when you ask for help in the uk I found to my pleasure and surprise.

I find the animal unnecessary DEATHS the most appalling aspect of the non vegan world. I find the FREAK SUFFERING BREEDS of domesticated by humans animals an appalling realisation of recent years to me. I just didn’t realise how humans mess up nature so badly when they interfere with it by  SELECTING and BREEDING for a look and type of animal. Enormous suffering caused.

DO I think the world will change bigtime ? a question or statement of negativity often said to me when I first mentioned I went vegan or was going vegan over a period of time as described….I actually think..IT IS POSSIBLE…and actually world leaders businesses will find it advantageous to push for it.

I know now the ENORMOUS Tax subsidies food businesses get in the animal exploitation businesses…HALF of the EU and USA taxes are used to pay farmers to abuse animals ! for unnecessary expensive world pollution and starvation as well as cruelty and unhealthy  for humans reasons !

The planet is deforested…wildlife disappearing…all due to massive unnecessary animal agriculture.

It is avoidable ! the cruelty…the deaths…the bad health ..the destruction of the planet…by removing animal agriculture from human practise.

I was astonished and slow to accept that ALL of these factors were all inter-related. I am cautious not prone to jump on new fad trends…I gave up being obsessed with having the latest mobile phone some years ago…we all follow fashions…and so for me…I was cautious about this new trend towards veganism but admit…having arrived at the practice of it before I had heard of the word myself…and seen so much information supporting the WHY…it isn’t a new trendy fashion like adulation of ONE Direction boyband drama or Robbie Williams…or in my time David Bowie of course…but a totally sensible common sense responsible healthy and caring change to lifestyle for everyone that IS needed for all kinds of reasons. The cruelty to the poor animals being really the most important…even if I admit there were selfish reasons also like my better health involved in my decision.

I cannot say…oh it is 50 percent due to MY BETTER HEALTH that I think being VEGAN is a good thing…and 50 percent due to not killing animals. If I am honest…which I wish to be…with myself most of all …but also others…I went vegan for many reasons and was so pleased and astonished even that the reasons were ALL INTER RELATED…I actually said at the beginingn of my vegan conversion…how NICE to know that being KIND to animals is also better for HUMAN HEALTH Too ! and the planet ! as the reasons grew in favour of VEGANISM I was delighted. And so I really cant say…oh it is 99 percent because I don’t want animals to die for me…or it is 20 percent because of that and 80 percent because it is good for my health and the planet and CHEAPER…well THAT reason is a MASSIVE bonus lol…I cant BELIEVE this aspect isn’t more majored on…doing ones own vegan meals …costs MASSIVELY LESS than of coruse the MASSIVE expense of buying aninal products like MEAT CHICKEN FISH and MILK Products like CHEESES etc !

I do ADORE the ALPRO chocolate caramel etc desserts I absolute LOVE the taste of them…and the veggie fingers and burgers…I wolf them down…and LOVE thai vegan soups Vietnam seagrasses veggie soups etc…so I must say…I do buy ready made vegan meals like that happily and am delighted at the tastes. And PEANUTS are my carry always on me snack food since some time now to avoid the temptation of hunger to have any cheese or egg sandwich when not at home.

I was SHOCKED…when xmas eve in the co op at my mother in Shrewsbury…I just happened to look at the details of the packet of frozen swedes and parsnips I had bought and stood in the queue to pay for…I saw VEGETARIAN and WHEY and non vegan contents in the frozen veg packet ! who would have thought…egg or dairy needed to be in frozen veg packets ? but they were. Written note to the shop left by me there and then and I put the veg back. But …labelling hey…who thinks to see animal products in a fozen veg packet like that ? we really have gone too far.

So many things I discovered afterwards when joining vegan online groups etc …have animal products in them. Tyres of cars…computer glues…all sorts of every day things. Even the roads we drive on. The 5 pound note media hype recently is the tip of the iceberg. Because our FOOD is so animal deaths involved the products of the dead animals is used of course in many other products to use what is available. Once day when all these animals stop being killed for our food those products will use alternative plant products of course.

We cant help stepping on ants or animals getting killed on our roads etc…but of course we can stop killing all the ones we kill for eating and clothes and furniture uses ! no point killing others in masses just because we accidentally or as part of our lives happen to kill some ! that is not a logic that is sensible really to any intelligent person. People do get surprised by how many things we use have animal products in them…and realise all activity results in animal deaths. Harvesting machines etc. However if we didn’t harvest plants for food we still kill many more animals in harvesting if producting crops for animal foods of course. We cant avoid deaths as a result of our existence …be it animals or plants. What a plant based lifestyle does is reduce by a massive quantity the number of deaths of either animals or plants involved. 15 times less on average. Producing plant food to feed animals uses up a huge amount of resources of plants water land etc…15 times more than if we just grew plant crops food to feed ourselves directly.

These realisations take TIME to sink in…we get confused…by numbers that differ…think maybe that is exaggerating even untrue as no government has said animal agriculture is responsible for so much harm…and then we doubt…but then when we realise..the UK government shipped out 100 thousand and more children in the 1950s to Australia to be in orphanages and slave labour and sexually abused greatly…and hid that shameful truth for decades from us all…I mean I was born in that period…late 1950s…and all those children were shipped abroad….and in my time…revelations about the realities of so many paedophiles having been around peope in high places..adulted by governments people…no need to name them…but we are often duped for decades centuries even about many things that those in power find convenient to ignore and hide from us.

It was convenient to hide from the public the dangers of cancers etc from smoking for decades…doctors said it was dangerous then…they were ridiculed…until at long last governments could not resist any longer and had to hurt the tobacco industries. That is a major reason why governments do not speak out against the animal agriculture…business interests…ranting farmers…who would  need to grow plants not steal food from lands of starving unimportant people countries in Africa etc…who do not show CCTV of how the animals are living in cages all their short lives no walkies and killed in fear each and every one of them.

I do believe governments will have to become more positive towards veganism…because it IS  true the animal based foods we eat today are SO UNHEALTHY and full of pesticides from even the genetically modified grasses and food they eat…soy for animal feed is GMO…it is costing the health services a fortune not just for asthmas from air pollution of animal excretions ! there is no solution ! of COUSE pee and pooh of 20 million animals killed PER DAY in the uk has to get into the air and water we breath in ! giving us cancers besides killing animals unnecessarily ! it is common sense ! these STINKS are unnatural ! nothing NATURAL about the enormous quantity of them at all ! because we are over consuming greedily crap food ! out of grown into bad habits.

Oh yes. Just like smoking. Bad eating habits are causing havoc…except that unlike smoking that only affects the smoker…we are hurting and killing unnecessarily the verbally handicapped non human suffering persons the animals without a voice to say…PLEASE DON’T KILL ME I WANT TO LIVE. Stop hurting me …stop taking my babies away from me…STOP FORCING ME TO HAVE BABIES. That is what we are doing. It is horrific. In hidden out of sight silence banking on HABITS of TASTES that ae easily satisfied otherwise for everyones good.

And learning to cook is important. There are many good vegan recipes out there for my favorite tasty meals like veg curries etc. I admit I personally lean towards the more tradiitonal foods of vegan nature…I like personally Indian and Chinese cuisines…spicey far east tastes…but Spanish Veganised meals I adore…I always loved Spanish Potato omelette and vegegg Spanish omelette is a delight. Very filling very healthy and delicious.  

NOW I know better…and NOW I FEEL better yes from a better diet…and NOW I feel better about not being the cause of so many unnecessary deaths of other non human persons.

And NOW I realise…that so many HUMANS in the poorer countries are starving due to their land being owned and used to stuff farm animals for food of cows pigs chickens etc in the rich western high meat and animal products consuming nations of our world.

NOW I realise…why there is Global warming and no water and land for crops and wildlife and elephants hedgehogs turtle doves etc have disappeard by 70 percent IN MY FEW DECADES LIFETIME only…yes…I read about 10 years ago in bed one night…the magazine THE ECONOMIST as that is my general reading of current affairs…I read…70 percent of FISH had DISAPPEARED in all the oceansn rivers etc in the world…due to pollution and fishing for human desires…and I thought..hey up…this is alarming…this isng about to change…I knew from economics studies at UNI that 20 percent of the planet population utilise 80 percent of the worlds resources…always have always will …is what I thought…until ? uh oh…CHINA and INDIA 2 billion people started to get purchasing power to buy MEAT in as big numbers as us selfish Europeans and Americans have been doing…uh oh…well suddenly it isn’t about  Chinese manufacturing competition for goods…but Chinese eating PIGS as much as a Londoner that is a huge environmental problem ! I mean the HAVES have ALWAYS justified their moral RIGHT to have more than others by all sorts of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE type mental intellectual DESERVE to have ancestors DIED so that I can own cars and  pollute the planet and have the latest Iphones and foreign travels with planes etc....all that kind of SELF JUSTIFICATION even the I WORK HARDER than any lazy sod in a Paddy Field in a poor country...they are POOR because they are LAZY and sit under the shade of a banana tree all day unlike me who drives 4 hours a day commuting to send emails around and call that useful WORK that I work HARD at for hours weeks years of my life...oh ja...people...WE do it all the time...say OTHERS do not DESERVE what more benefits WE have due to easy to find by us reasons. Of course using ANIMALS is EASY to give reasons for like that too...WE HUMANS ARE THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN we abuse women kids blacks gays animals anything WEAKER than the TOP DOG mentality of those who HAVE the POWER and the WEALTH to force others to have less while we continue to guzzle the worlds resources eating our STEAKS that KILL poor grass eating defenseless animals like cows and make CHILDREN STARVE AND DIE and then lash out in anger at refugees fleeing due to NO WATER NO FOOD AND WAR AND POVERTY in countries we could not survive in as the land is owned if fertile by RICH COMPANIES that sell to US of course wasteful polluting creating FAMINE and planet destruction as well as deaths of verbally unable to SPEAK ENGLISH animals ! oh ja ! WE DESERVE ! we faught WARS ! well WE didn't at all of course those that DIED got ZILCH of all our greed and selfishness now...we forget that conveniently...and shit on the poor of this world accusing them of not having EARNED THE RIGHT TO AN IPHONE ! in the dessert ! where the elephants have no water to drink due to climate change caused by OUR MEAT AND ANIMAL PRODUCTS AGRICULTURE effects...lions etc are killed for food competing with Rich royals and the rich generally who can AFFORD SAFARIS like that to go play shoot the buffalo games !

All that SHIT we were shoved stuff in the facees about SAVING WATER BY TAKING SHOWERS instead of a bath…and all the time…that Sunday lunch Roast chicken used MORE WATER than 1 year of our baths ! hilarious ! in a way it is HILARIOUS to realise the CON ! and truths !

I am NOT interested as stated again about pedantic arguing about PRECISE numbers…I think COMMON SENSE tells us…I noticed when I owned a few cows that a cow that drinks 30 liters PER DAY on average of water…LETS NOT TALK ABOUT ME NOT HAVING A BATH  ONCE  A DAY hey WHEN ONE COW IS USING 30 LITERS OF DRINKING WATER and peeing pollution into the rivers onto the fields to give us asthma less sperm counts cancers etc...think all that gets FILTERED out of our drinking water ? it means a 12 oz Steak off her or her babies is costing HUGE amounts of WATER wasted ! all the PLANTS needed to grow to FEED FARM ANIMALS are on a scale of 15 times more than if we ate the unprocessed in bodies of animals plants ourselves ! so they don’t NEED to be GMO as FAR LESS plants are needed to FEED THE WORLD even the STARVING whose LANDS have been STOLEN to fill into farmed animals for steaks etc ! I am NOT interested in being told to SAVE WATER from flushing my toilet a bit less stuff ! this is PEANUT CRAP talk ! compared to the WATER WASTED if I eat a hamburger or hotdog ! let alone a glass of milk from a cow that dank 30 liters of water PER DAY and polluted with excrement massively also ! lets talk about the cost of a glass of milk for FLOOD DEFENSES and ASTHMA TREATMENT and POLLUTION of drinking water etc etc hey ! or shut up telling ME to take a shower to save water instead of a bath ! this has now pissed me off BIGTIME to realise this BULLSHIT ! I WILL TAKE BATHS when I feel like it now...I DONT EAT MEAT so I DONT USE THOUSANDS OF GALLONS OF WATER TO PRODUCE A CRUELTY WATER WASTING HOTDOG OR BURGER let alone steak that means a kid more dies and starves in a poor country and lions die of thirst etc due to climate change all this pollution and intense animal production has caused. Ridiculous. Lets face the truths more I say ! and deal with them better !

Don’t need to be pedantic as I was to find out nevertheless as I do like NUMBERS to support FACTS in all things….it is common sense ! we are…KILLING animals unnecessarily for food and furniture clothing…that are bred into should NEVER be born freaks that suffer for short unhealthy pumped FULL of chemical harming them and our health crap substances antibiotics hormones in food etc pesticides…and Destroying our planet due to all the pollution all that intensely unnatural and unhealthy production of animals creates !

CRUELTY to living beings…who should NOT BE BORN in the MASS NUMBERS we FORCE to produce…to KILL for unnecessary obesity and other diseases causing habits…lining the pockets of farmers and corportations that should be producing healthier food for us and save the planet and starving people of this world. THOSE REFUGEES are fleeing poverty and lack of food ! the lions elephants are dying also due to climate change and lack of food ! while we idiots take their land and destroy water sources ! growing gmo crops to feed farmed caged animals in mass numbers and mass murdered !

Ouff hey. My eyes were opened. Once I started to read up on what was going on in our world…and if there is ONE thing I say was a big LIE and DECEIT that sticks in my mind…it is the TAKE SHOWERS NOT BATHS to SAVE WATER and don’t use aerosols…NO MENTION OF COW FARTS and URINE creating more ammonia causing ASTHMA to so many in East Anglia as far as LONDOn even when the shit hits the fan in the winds…blaming other factors…when it is the MUCK SPREADING of the FARMERS of URINE and mass numbers of poor pigs and cows that is spread on the land ends up in the air giving kids assthmas costing the nhs a fortune ! excuse me…the SHOWER issue…I am NOT saving water significantly by not taking a bath ! I save MUCH MORE WATER by NOT EATING 1 STEAK !

I have been CONNED ! WE have been conned ! by tobacco industry for decades told it is NOT UNHEALTHY…and now the FOOD INDUSTRY lies.

TIME TO CHANGE OUR FOOD nature…source…no more GMO crap…no more ANIMAL deaths and crap in them. LET SOME starving people HAVE PLANT FOOD on lands that are stolen and used to feed suffering animals for rich fat kids and adults  elsewhere !

I am sure we will still get cancers and sicknesses sometimes…but right now ? we are at RECORD HIGH RISK of getting them the most from our UNHEALTHIEST for DECADES high based on killing masses of animals unnecessarily diets and lifestyles ! and costing the NHS health services HUGE amounts to treat Asthma alone due to ANIMAL EXCRETIONS AIR POLLUTION is a billion a year in one western country alone ! let alone the  Prostate and Ovarian Cancers caused by eggs and milk fromm animals costs ! we are being CRUEL and making ourselves SICK and starving other by our unnecessary animal killings and abuses !

There is NO CHANCE even with inconvenience of not finding easily VEGAN non animal product sandwiches still easily in supermarkets and service stations…there is NO CHANCE I will return to eating animal products again unless I were on a dessert island and starving. I would eat anyone then for sure. Since that wild imagining best left to Hollywood films or fancy dreams isn’t likely…I do NOT need to eat or use animals. Chickens and sheep have NEVER been a risk to kill me or eat me. They would hardy EXIST if we humans didn’t breed them as all wildlife is down by 70 percent everywhere…due to human lifestyles.

I don’t need to have animals die for my needs. End of story. 11 thousand animals per person in a lifetime is the current status of the rich countries average. It is a disgrace. Disgusting number of deaths that are totally unnecessary for our survival or good health. We are harming not only these innocent grass eating living non human persons…but ourselves and other starving humans by our selfishness and ignorance most of all. IGNORANCE most of all I say. I did not know…all the common sense facts about even a cow not producing milk unless she gives birth to a baby that humans take AWAY from her to kill at ONCE to milk her unnaturally for humans to have her milk. So many deaths. She is killed age 5 not age 20 as she doesn’t PRODUCE as much as a young cow pumped 3 times a day unnaturally by us humans for our greed and stupidity and most of all cruelty and abuse of animals.

There is NOTHING natural about how humans take animal products for our greed. Not fish not chickens not cows not pigs none of them should have been designed and bred to suffer and die like this for our greedy unnecessary uses. Wildlife has disappeared so much for exactly the same reasons. Human abuse of nature.


The online and other VEGAN groups contacts and experiences.

Having explained…I personally went vegan without having someone speak to me about the idea but due to my dogs needing to go vegan for their health needs and me starting to read and find out more about the shit state of our food today especially around the Horsemeat not Beef scandal in Europe that showed Labelling is just unreliable really lets not believe any single country finger pointed at was responsible…so many many supermarkets didn't do the testing and confirmation of what they were buying properly…didn’t want to…the deceit was at the top and widespread. Just like the exporting of 100 and more thousand children in theh 1950s to Australia from the uk…we are HIDDEN truths of horrific nature just to carry on undisturbed and save money.

HOWEVER…it is WASTING our money to pay tax supports to polluting cruelty based animal agriculture farmers!!! Time to STOP the whining…lambs need help even BIRTHING in unnatural to be born in JANUARY today because GREEDY human farmers have created breeds that give birth EARLIER than in ancestors nature to GET THEM KILLED BY EASTER SUNDAY LUNCHES ! all that whining about out working at the time of lambing…what natural wild animal needs help to give birth ? none ! we human designed Frankenstein freak dogs as well as farm animals that cant give birth naturally also !

Ah back to my point…

I joined and read more about VEGANISM on the VEGAN SOCIETY and VIVA and FACEBOOK organisations ! wow ! some great information…not any STORIES of HOW I BECAME VEGAN out there…not on Francione the USA lawyer into what he calls ABOLITIONISM…oh no…took MONTHS before the Jewish Vegan Facebook group had a video of the young Francione describing his JOURNEY to becoming VEGAN…was good to watch and listen…he was vegetarian some years before he went vegan...but…

Now we have rows in the VEGAN movement…about if activism and message spreading should be VIOLENT or PEACEFUL and if people should SEE THE LIGHT And GO VEGAN AT ONCE overnight not going through a meatless Monday REDUCTION period…or vegetarian period…

And I say…I don’t TELL anyone what to do and when. IF someone had done that to me…about ANYTHING in my life…I would have RESISTED more, even if sensible,…like NOT SMOKING…I KNEW for YEARS when friends around me GAVE UP or just didn’t smoke that smoking was NOT a good thing. Was harming me even before the Government admitted it did. I watched the Yes Minister funny  programme showing how taxes from the tobacco industry meant government reluctance to CHANGE things like that…..changing BUSINESS is not what government likes to do…they get farmers ranting if they cut their subsidies of course ! HUGE bad publicity likely !

What I do think I can do…is help others by just pointing information about TRUTHS about things they really do NOT realise more easily to read or watch for them. I hope many more people realise how aweful and unnecessary all this breeding of freak suffering breeds of domestic animals be they dogs cats or pigs cows chickens is…and realise more how animals are all suffering due to OUR human interference far too much with nature. Great Dane dogs…die young mostly from stomach torsions…because us humans bred an unnaturally too large animal. Pugs bulldogs have trouble breathing…because we humans bred freaks just to smile at silly faces we think cute. Etc.  Domesticated  farm animals are incapable of surviving even a winter outside…they are so far remotely different to their original ancestors. We have ruined nature. Created animals that suffer. For no good reason. And it should stop. We should vote with our wallets to stop it.

Oh I don’t get into ABOLITIONISM being the ONLY  way discussions anymore…I think ALL animal lovers want VEGANISM to be the NORM for everyone one day…billions in history have been VEGANS healthily...some of the worlds greatest people in intelligence etc have been vegans…vegan athletes dogs cats ordinary people live healthy lives easily today everywhere…I do believe habits are difficult to change. I do believe TASTE for FOOD is a very very sensitive big DRIVING force for anyone…all animals humans included need FOOD. WHAT food we need is the question…and we can get the same taste delight fom a VEGAN bacon sandwich which involves NO death of an pig in reality. All sorts of arguments to NOT change habits are used to resist not killing  other animals. I believe…the habit of TASTE and the worry that the inconvenience that giving that up might involved is the major barrier to trying a change.

I must watch and listen to James Aspey video again…he listed 4 reasons people used to not go vegan. Like al things in life…we need reminders…listen or read or think about something involving CHANGE several times to eventually internalise acceptance of it. Understanding words is one thing. REALLY agreeing with what we say is logical and we agree with, is another thing.

I agree with Francione the abolitionist ideas on the whole…I like ALL the vegan society and organisations also ! no one disagrees really…that VEGANISM is the only way to Liberate the torture and deaths of these animals we abuse in holocausts today of mass murders !

What I disagree with Francione dogmatic views is…how people will go vegan. I don’t think most or the majority of the world or any country will go vegan simply on moral concern for other animals than humans. There are more reasons needed than that…like accepting one doesn’t NEED the nutrition from animals for starters…and I do not think that even once people agree…we don’t NEED to kill or eat animals it is healthy not to…and we agree it is cruel to kill unnecessarily…etc…other reasons also…I don’t believe people will GO VEGAN AT ONCE even then. It takes time…to get behaviour in line with belief. In all things. I don’t believe that when human societies agreed to change laws to ban slavery of humans…I don’t believe everyone or even the majority of those societies agreed with those views…and it took time for people to stop saying…oh he or she treats THEIR slaves well so it is the BAD slave owners that give slave owning a bad name…I am SURE as that IS what happened…that many people DID think well slavery isn’t that bad for humans if they are well fed and housed ! and so it is for animals now ! people say…well they are fed and housed so ok ! I see no difference in the time it takes to get to the acceptance and practice of …NO it is NOT ok to own human slaves just because some house feed and give them work to do and health care…just as it is NOT ok to breed verbally handicapped non human persons …animals…and then kill them having fed and housed them for a short while !

Of COURSE the human genocides and holocausts of deaths alarmed us humans…and what is happening now to animals is just the same…except a different species to humans that humans have by TRADITION and HABIT thought is ok to do to animals but not humans ! but it is exactly the same…the weaker living creature being bred and killed by the powerful power using humans.

I personally object to abolitionist type accusations of other vegan activist organisations that are involved in FARMING ANIMAL STANDARDS OF CARE being accused of being responsible for more and more deaths of animals because there is a HAPPY  PIG Or HAPPY CHICKEN picture on the package of the dead animal products.

It should be ILLEGAL to put such HAPPY LIVE ANIMAL PICTURES on the packages…just as it is ILLEGAL to write HEALTHY on the boxes of ANY eggs are eggs are NOT healthy…not something many people realise…it is in what is NOT SAID That we are LIED to the MOST often…this last example being a perfect example. IT is LEGAL to run adverts saying GO TO WORK ON AN EGG as I  had as well as the SCHOOL MILK adverts….but what I and no one realised…is the word HEALTHY was never used…because it was NOT healthy…so all that the adverts did were TRICK us by KEEPING SILENT about this important missing word…HEALTHY …let alone CRUELTY FREE as chocolate and milk involved the death of millions per year of baby calves as soon as they are born or there would be no milk or cheese to steal by humans. By NOT telling us…we have been told the BIGGEST LIES.

However…people did not take to eating MORE meat eggs and milk of cows bigtime due to HAPPY LABELS…it was I believe pure GREED. The richer people got…the MORE they killed and consumed meat  eggs leather seats etc etc. Happy labels were just PART of a feel better feeling about buying what people were going to buy anyway. It wasn’t the cuase of the main increases in sales of those products in general. NOW we have a REDUCTION In meat and dairy milks sales and bread btw…as people got ALLERGIC And SICK and FAT due to those products over consumed for decades more than at any time in human history…the use and eating of animal products was at epic levels of consumption in our consumer greedy society in the past decade.

That is why we need to OPEN OUR EYES as Mel Gibson said in Braveheart film. OPEN OUR EYES to the fatties…the sick…and OPEN OUR MINDS and HEARTS to the animals that cannot speak for themselves and have been by OUR buying of their dead bodies and products so badly abused.

Christ would weep in shame and horror to see how our societies have become. So greedy and so cruel and so murderous.  Any God would weep in horror at what FREE CHOICE has done to our world. And I end writing on Ash Wednesday…the start of the Christian Lent of giving up pleasures for 40 days tradition…well it is a good thing the current controversial pope called himself FRANCIS and is more SIMPLE in his choice of his clothes and lifestyle as pope than predecessors…FRANCIS The Saint Francis of Assisi patron saint of animals…this Francis pope …repeated the words of St Francis…who said…if humans mistreat animals it is not surprising and likely that they will show the same lack of compassion towards each other also.

We do not have 2 hearts…2 moralities…one for animals one for humans…we have a heart or we do not have any. Is what French Philosopher Lamartine wrote.

So. If we know and kill animals or have them killed FOR Us by others to buy off supermarket shelves…WE are the murderers. Wildlife has disappeared by 70 percent all over the world. WE have done that. There is enough land to feed the the world on plant diets. PLENTY more people even.

If the Churches could go further…and say…love…compassion means…DO NOT KILL unless absolutely necessary…it is an offense to God to do so. Man can live healthily even healthier on plant food alone. THAT would be something. I see the texts in religious writings supporting compassion and veganism as a goal for us humans and all animals ultimate…but the churches piss around on trivia and do not bite the bullet until forced to. Are too busy arguing amoung themselves about transgender human rights in ceremonies in Churches etc. Well Christ didn’t preach in a Church building in nice coloured ties or clothing…he stood out under the sun and rain outside in the countryside. Today not wearing a black tie to a funeral gets more discussion than the unnecessary deaths on the table.

Trivia. In comparison with the principles of compassion and respect for life generally. We cannot avoid mistakes…or killings…what we can avoid is being the cause of unnecessary ones in the future.

It is not surprising…that that nasties come to power today like the likes of lacking compassion Donald Duck the Trumpeter in the USA and the likes of xenophobic build razor fences Forage and Boris Johnson Bojo the clown who really should have been born a bulldog or pug and struggled to breath his lies about 250 million gbp per WEEK going to be paid to the NHS posters he stood in front of so often…it is no surprise liars today get promotions in politics. They conned us. Kids in their hundred thousand were sent to Australia to be abused. In my lifetime. Countries go to wars based on lies. All sorts of LIES. NOT saying important things is as much lying as saying mistruths also. We have been lied to. Are and will be lied to in future too.

No animals need to die…for any of the majority of us and our pet dogs and cats to live healthier active lives. WE choose to have each and every poor one of them killed by our buying unnecessary death for our food and clothing etc. We can stop it. It is reassuring in the nature of humans to see so many HAVE made the choice to STOP the abuse and killing and found tastes and inconvenience when not at home for food currently no good reasons to let others die for convenience and habits of taste. Such decisions mean less climate change less starving children. 11 thousand animal deaths per person in an average lifetime is a huge unnecessary deathtoll to not be proud or part of when possible.

I am not a SALES PERSON however. I could put others OFF by my untrained to SELL style of talking and especially if confronted by hostile silly comments such as…LIONS DO AND THEY WOULD KILL US IF WE DIDN’T KILL THEM…and it is NORMAL for the TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN HUMAN to kill…it is hard to NOT say what EFFIN SUPID ARROGANT ARGUMENTS in reply…so I try to AVOID discussions to avoid lashing back at the YOU ARE MAD or IN A SECT or UNHEALTHY or CRUEL TO YOUR DOGS accusations that idiots trying to justify THEIR incorrect COGNITTIVE DISSONANCE mental problems have with dealing with ANYTHING different to them…be it gays…transgenders…vegans…anything DIFFERENT to someone gets HOSTILITY as the first reaction of attack. That is how I see it. Except it has become socially less acceptable to insults gays and transgenders or whatever the latest sexual human tendencies are.  Quite frankly. I never took much interest in all that sex stuff…didn’t see why people should be beat up for it or ridiculed…certainly not  imprisoned but most of society thought that was the way to deal with it…now it is a constant in our faces topic of discussion one gets ranted at if you say HE instead of SHE even of a dead dog let alone a human ! ridiculous PC correctness idiocy I say. While BILLIONS of speech handicapped non human persons poor lambs cows pigs chickens get MURDERED  every day to eat while ranting about transgenders or whatever that the Churches are disagreeing about ! by the time that lot wake up to DEATHS OF BILLIONS IN HOLOCAUSTS of every day animals that are creations abused of all Gods billions more will have died ! I really am FED UP with this obsession with SEX of humans ! LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE ! and NO I DON’T WANT different toilets built facing this or that way…the NHS is in DEFICIT…billions of animals are dying ! being killed ! bred to be killed !

This Francis pope said SOMETHING radical to repeat what St Francis said about humans treatment of animals being in the same league as treatment of humans !  However no INSTITUION ever TAKES THE LEAD in any social movement…they FOLLOW once the dust has settled.

So I end my UNPLANNED account of HOW I WENT VEGAN on 1st day of LENT Ash Wednesday and say…publish and be dammed. For the record. These were my thoughts today.  I didn't see ANY accounts of HOW I BECAME VEGAN of anyone except JAMES ASPEY in public in the vegan world of the important known Vegan leaders…Francione abollitionists strongly advice their lapdog human followers NOT to talk about HOW THEY WENT VEGAN and insist only on GOING VEGAN OVERNIGHT AT ONCE as a MORAL IMPERATIVE.

Well it is a MORAL ISSUE for sure most of all…but without the OTHER GOOD REASONS the world would NOT go vegan at all. And CERTAINLY not overnight. Humans ARE MORAL COWARDS ! of COURSE we are ! WE I say not excluding myself ! we are not CHRIST who died for others people …soldiers get PAID to die for others even….we are not ALL capable of self sacrifice for others ! it is ARROGANT to say we are in fact. What we do have is SOME Sense of right and wrong..and most of us many of us do not like SUFFERING and DEATH of others for no good reason. THAT is as far as one can make claims or MORALITY of humans generally. Those attending churches and boasting of that to others have other pressures to keep them MORAL generally besides our man-made laws of course !

I mean come on…driving tired and hungry…stop for a coffee and bite to eat and nothing VEGAN on offer ? of COURSE most will think well I am hungry I need something warm and filling…and so ? that doesn’t mean…now give up all abstainance of animal products and gorge on the most steaks possible in the days that follow ! that is the kind of ABSOLUTISM attitude that is ALL OR NOTHING and leads to ONE FAILURE or killing by stepping on of ants means KILL A COW PIG AND HAVE A CHICKEN sandwich too every day now as FAILURE means ALL OR NOTHING.

I am NOT interested in the I WENT VEGAN OVERNIGHT AND ANYONE who doesn’t isn’t going to be a good vegan and is morally less than I am….that kind of belief and arrogance is to my mind fine for abolitionists who NEVER  publish how they went vegan and FAILED ever…but LECTURE others to tell others to GO VEGAN and never expect to FAIL ever. It is amazing…how the morally self righteous with easy circumstances they enjoy like to lecture others about how EASY To do something moral is. Well the truth is…people DO have morals but will NOT be told and take TIME for the real internalised acceptance and practice in an environment that is very alien and not convenient for following that lifestyle exists around us.

I went VEGAN without LECTURES from others. I accept NO one as a moral leader of myself. NO leader of any organisation not a Church not a social movement not a workplace. I submit to whoever is in charge without agreeing with all their views on anything. WHEN I decide to do something I have free cgoice to decide on to do or not do something, it is because I choose to. Based on examples often around me or not. I do not believe that abolitionist vegan ideas are what is going to make most of the world go vegan. It is fine for some intellectual elite small numbers of people. Most other people want less dogmatic guidance and more help with explaining other yes selfish to humans reasons for being vegan. HEALTH benefits do matter. The PLANET benefits do matter too. ANIMALS deaths and  cruelty DO matter but TASTE matters so FOOD TASTES and recipes do matter as does availability of vegan food in supermarkets and service stations canteens etc ! campaigns to get those moving forwards are needed ! not slamming individuals for not going vegan for one reason only...morality care for respect of animals rights.

Tolstoy Ghandi Bernard Shaw, all sorts of famous people were vegan and spoke out for animal deaths not being necessary. SOCIETIES DID NOT LISTEN TO THEM. GREED and increased wealth and big business interests drove humanity down the cruelty path not the vegan path in the past 100 odd years.  As soon as CHINA got richer in hundreds of millions…diet changes from traditional vegan meals also went on the increase. Nothing to do with HAPPY EGGS or HAPPY PIG labels. Just pure wealth habits of consumerism and copy cat behaviour of societies that are rich driving up animal killings for food clothing etc.

It is true that people liked to boast…they bought organic…or happy free range this or that…but it had more to do with snobbery I think of showing off about being able to buy higher quality food or things that real care about animals. Eating dead animals is eating dead animals. Pretending they had a happy life until dead is just a few lines of boasting to sound good but really what people were saying was …I CAN AFFORD IT…

NOW organic food is actually more popular with everyone ! society throws away 40 percent of all food bought from supermarkets ! ironic hey…people homeless and foodbanks and half of food bought goes to waste ! that is the nature of greed and society. HAPPY pigs or hens labels are just a LABEL to boast about extra. Since people are becoming more aware the labels of even what TYPE of flesh it is horse or beef let alone free range are also lies and hype…well boasting about LABELS is losing the appeal now. I repeat though…I don’t think the happy labels got people buying MORE eggs or pigs to eat …that increase took place just like the China effect due to showing off when RICH in the consumer society mentality problem humans have. Animals other than humans do NOT go buy food or get food to let it go to waste…the are efficient not so greedy as us humans are lol.

I have rambled a bit OFF SUBJECT here…but on topics to do with Vegan discussions.

There are SECTS now in the vegan movement like in all areas of human activities. There are those calling themselves abolitionist vegans…environmental vegans…ethical vegans…all sorts of add on descriptions of vegans. I learn recently the expression PLANT BASED DIET means people who are vegan for eating but wear animal skin shoes etc. Well I didn’t know the meaning of PLANT BASED like that until it was explained. To me plant based meant vegan  …just another way of saying what a vegan was. Oh well. Now I know lol.

IT DOESN’T MATTER ! not to me.

The sects…the terminology…what matters…is  stopping ANIMAL ABUSE by KILLING THEM FOR OUR FOOD and CLOTHES AND OTHER USES of them. Stopping breeding freak animal breeds both the PET animals like pugs bulldogs great dane dog freaks as well as the freak chickens and cows sheep and pigs we humans domesticated and ruined the looks and health of so badly they should become extinct and let natural wild animals that have not yet become extinct as they have due to massive loss of habitat pollution etc due to our massive animal agriculture horrors live and reproduce where they are left alone.

Animals do not need to be bred to be killed for our food and clothes furniture uses or  entertainment in zoos circuses etc. We have CREATED pets out of some animals for OUR entertainment and needs. Other domesticated farm animals deserve to be allowed to go into extinction and not be reproduced anymore to stop their genetic sufferings. We should not breed animals for our food clothes or entertainment.

In fact that last statement is something the animal organisations do not state that I can recall. They do say…animals are not ours to use or own ultimately…but they do not say we should STOP BREEDING ALL ANIMALS …maybe they do…imply that …anyway. I shall cease this thoughts in writing on the subject summary now. I mean BIRDS in CAGES...any birds...budgies...we just did it...and thought we should because we could ! it is so ridiculous to CAGE a canary or budgie or parrot ! they should be living FREE in the WILD ...animals were not meant to live in houses like we do ! watching tv etc ! they don't have KITCHENS, cooking utensils, TVs  etc ! we have dragged them into CAGES ! changed how they look and they are now domesticated freaks of nature that could not live even a winter in the wild by themselves they need dog groomers etc ! not even a modern pig or cow domesticated breed can survive alone outside ! we have created frankenstein freaks for OUR use and pleasures ! I mean we take as NORMAL the sight of dogs on leads tied round their necks to restrict their walks even ! that is what dogs are today...HANDBAGS ! toys of humans ! they entertain us ...comfort us...and adore us as they are affectionate naturally if domesticated...and we just USE them and think throw them some food and toys and dress them in silly hats to laugh and coo like toys of ours !

It is a summary of why and how I decided to become vegan as well as my dogs and why I think it is likely and looking more possible that the world will move bigtime towards veganism plant based food and clothing furniture in the future. For many good reasons not least unnecessary horrible holocaust murdering gassing of billions of animals totally unnecessarily that are unnatural suffering living creatures of creation that should not be subject to being used and killed by us like that at all.

I do see people are realising the horrors of modern animal abuse on this enormous mass scale more and more. People are losing the false image of nice farmers more and more and seeing them for what they really are. Mass concentration camps and killing fields on holocaust levels of young few days few weeks old at most couple of years old caged animals abused for unhealthy unnatural practices to fill the pockets by subsidies also mostly unnecessary suffering living creatures that have no voice to say STOP IT to us for themselves and have never harmed us and would never harm us. It is a shameful shameful abuse of the weak that is going on and more people are becoming aware of the reality and  no neccesity of it.

One day there will be laws…saying KILLING IS UNLAWFUL…THOU SHALT NOT KILL. As a General Overall law for ALL humans and ALL animals. It will be illegal to OWN an animal even. Animals are NOT ours. Not our toys or our food. Right now they are both…and it doesn’t really matter which species it is…dog or pig…we can kill and eat them if we want to. One day that is possible. If people continue to vote with their wallets and do not buy the products of dead animals. Flesh, Eggs, Milk and   clothes and furniture etc made from animal products. One day the world can be fed from plants healthily instead of starving due to the rich feeding animals for steaks and destroying the planet climate etc. One day people will NOT sit down on dead animals skins etc and eat dead animals flesh and products but eat healthy non gmo plants that are delicious nutrition minus processing and no cruelty involved certainly no cruelty meaning no deaths involved by our intended actions to cause them.

It needs more INFORMATION…more KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTHS of nutrition and the animals deaths. CCTV standard for ALL animals ALL The time of their existence…so that the public can see just how shit this existence and unnecessary deaths really are. 

I could write more details. I think I have written the main important ones...influences. Things that were on my mind recently. I didn't write much about Vegan Activism I admit. I have done 2 PIG SAVE attendences with placards at slaughter houses in the uk. Before that for a few years I demonstrated in the streets of Toulouse in France for anti VIVISECTION campaigns of Amnestie pour les Animaux. Just standing around with placards etc to inform that public of the realities and horrors of animal laboratory tests on animals of all kinds for cosmetics all sorts vocal chords cut to stop the neighbours hearing the screams of pain stomaches hanging out brains opened...all that reality people just dont realise takes place all the time for no good reasons and such pain and so many deaths. Pain the most horrific. And then on Facebook in recent say ouff 6 months readings and sharing things there...horrific videos and accounts of horrors seen more online greatly of the realities. Then I this website. Put the links where I found information about nutrition and horrors I watched and understood up there. And I thought wow...when i watched the James Aspey vegan advocacy video he did. That is a good speech..good summary of the issues involved. He can hold my attention well...anyone's attention well...he has a gift... for public speaking...that is a huge talent. He comes accross as genuine also. Not pompous. Matter of fact. Calm. But passionate. This way of  talking is good. I  cant remember the 4 reasons people don't go vegan the most...HABIT and TRADITION are the 2 I do will add them here when listen to his video again lol.

ps/ 13th March 2017. 2 weeks after writing the above. Reflections made. I read about a famous unknown previously to me Vegan Philosopher who died to be added when I remember it...who said there were 3 routes to becoming Vegan. The Da Vinci way, The Damascus way and the Muddle way. Meaning Da Vinci was Vegan from an obstinate child time, he just refused to eat dead animals. The Damascus way is when people come to realise a truth they had previously ignored and made a change overnight. The Muddle way is less clear as to why and when. I thought about this and began reluctantly I admit to recognise...I cannot claim to have been totally IGNORANT for most of my life that it was ok to be vegan ... ok I didn't take notice much that Tolstoy, Einstein George Bernard Shaw, Leonardo da Vinci etc were all vegans so it must have been healthy and fine to avoid animal based foods. It was convenient to ignore this known to me and others well as knowing really that millions of people existed now and in the past that were vegans ! I do still ask come I like most people in the Western civilisations where animal consumption and use of animal goods like leather, wool etc ignored or never thought this was morally wrong ? how come ? we cannot deny that we didnt know there were people who lived fine on vegan diets can we ? we just chose to dismiss this and carry on doing what society around us did as a norm. I mean if slavery or eating humans of a particular race had been the norm still in our society I guess we would not have questioned that greatly either until more people starting objecting to such practices. That is a sobering thought...meaning not that I drink alcohol greatly just an expression...sobering think we humans accept what we see as normal practices around us quite easily in fact. Whether that be gladiators killing other humans or lions for public entertainment or other things. We really are copy cats..sheep..using animal terms when in fact it is a human characteristic to do and copy what other humans do greatly. It is however positive to realise...once we humans do engage our brains and try to be objective about preconceived ideas in our societies...we do change our views and behaviours ! Whilst I do not claim to have been a Damascus conversion overnight person...I do think the shock of facing some new facts and truths that I just hadn't thought about or known about before had a massive effect on me. I do think I had sudden revulsion and realisation that not only this standard food was unhealthy for me and others and destroying the planet due to inefficiency and was totally unnecessary to kill the animals in the first place ! However I like most people just SHUT MY MIND to acknowledging the truths of..humans do NOT need to kill animals to be healthy and fit. This meme about AS SOON AS I REALISED...isnt quite is right in that AS SOON AS I FACED UP TO THE TRUTH however !

For many years...I like many Shut our minds and thoughts to the TRUTH that we DO really know that there are huge numbers of people living very healthy and fit lives that are not animal flesh meat or dairy and egg consumers in this world. TOP ATHLETES even. It has been CONVENIENT to ignore this TRUTH and just do what everyone around us does and think it normal and get used to the taste of dead animals and their products, that are in fact unhealthy for us. Today with the internet and the MASSIVE increase in OBESITY and animal food caused human diseases...the information is much more in our faces however so that is the good news and the trends show that people that were raised in a bad habit of killing animals to eat and use are now thinking differently about this and going Vegan.

It sure has been...An Inconvenient accept that humans do NOT need to harm and kill animals to live healthy and fit lives.

Sometimes I have read that non vegans accuse vegans of having mental problems...over sensitivity can be seen yes as a mental problem rather than being brutal minded. I personally think that there is a problem with depression POST becoming vegan ! because unfortunately when one becomes more aware of the futility of the mass killings and one's own part in the years of mass isn't a comfortable mental state to be in ! The only consolation being that one has STOPPED the evil bad behaviour at least ! Just as it is often depressing to deal with sick or dying humans or death of family friends in particular...I am sure the effect of seeing unnecessary deaths of animals is also depressing. That does not make anyone mentally unbalanced simply because a person is sensitive and does not feel joy or pleasure happiness at the thought of humans or animals dying or being harmed. Humans wanting to insult other humans often use the derogatory meant to be offensive term...mental. Another "defence mechanism" of  humans. We RATIONALISE things to feel better about anything unpleasant. A more complex term has been invented for this phenomenon ...calling it COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.  We humans use all kinds of illogical rationalisation to justify not changing our views on things...we ridicule things...get angry..deny things...use all sorts of justifications like grasping at straws even LIONS DO SO I CAN arguments instead of thinking MONKEYS DO NOT SO WHY SHOULD I ? type reasonings.

Confucius say...Man who eat Meat because Ancestors ate Meat...should Log out of Facebook and go Live in a Cave with no Wifi....LOVE That quote I saw on Chinese bodybuilder Hin Chun Chui facebook page lol ! and the MEME ! the word MEME means picture with word message ! another new term I learned on the internet while reading up about Veganism lol !

and THIS IS THE VEGAN ANTHEM ! by Vegan Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders ! let us not PRETEND to love or even LIKE animals and our fellow humans...if we kill them for unnecessary pleasures that are easily satisfied other less cruel and healthier ways ...I' LL STAND BY YOU !

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